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Legislation Adopted February 20, 2013

The Granville Village Council adopted the following legislation at the February 20, 2013 regular meeting: 

Ordinance No. 03-2013, An Ordinance to Adopt New Engineering and Subdivision Regulations for the Village of Granville 

This ordinance updated the Village engineering and subdivision regulations. Most communities in the state of Ohio adopt engineering/construction standards for their municipalities. These standards inform developers and contractors of the expectations regarding public improvements and those private improvements that could be dedicated as public in the future.  The current Village standards were adopted in 1988 and have not been updated.  It is appropriate to update these requirements to take into consideration developments and construction methods that have changed over the years.  Staff worked with Village Engineer Jerry Turner of Bird & Bull to develop these updated rules and regulations.  

Resolution No. 2013-10, A Resolution Authorizing the Village Manager to Enter into a Contract with the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) for Resurfacing Project for Newark-Granville Road and East-West Broadway 

This resolution authorizes the Village Manager to sign a contract with the Ohio Department of Transportation, on behalf of the Village of Granville, for the resurfacing of East and West Broadway and Newark-Granville Road.  This project, PID #89477, will be funded by ODOT and the Village of Granville through the Transportation Improvement Program administered by LCATS.  LCATS will be paying $779,990.00 towards this project with the Village of Granville paying $427,377.15.   Granville's cost does not include engineering fees for preparation of the plans.  The engineering work will be completed by the Village Engineer Bird & Bull and was budgeted for this purpose in the adopted 2013 budget.  Once final engineering plans are prepared and submitted to ODOT, Granville's portion may adjust slightly. 

Resolution No. 2013-11, A Resolution to Authorize the Village Manager to Sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the Licking County Humane Society

In accordance with Chapter 1717 of the Ohio Revised Code, the Licking County Commissioners have established the Licking County Humane Society to prevent cruelty to animals throughout the county. Section 1717.07 of the ORC indicates that the "legislative authority of such municipal Corporation shall pay monthly to such agent, from the general revenue fund of the municipal Corporation, such salary… not less than five dollars."   Executive Director Lori Carlson provided the Village with a memorandum of understanding to provide humane society services to the Village. In addition to the statutory requirements, these services will be of assistance to help provide for the appropriate treatment of Village animals and to assist the Village in arbitrating disagreements in neighborhoods where opinions may differ as to the maintenance of pets.  This resolution authorizes the Village Manager to enter into the memorandum of understanding with the Licking County Humane Society to provide services at a rate of $10.00 per month. 

All legislation is available for review at the Village Offices during regular business hours, which are normally 8:00am - 4:30pm, Monday through Friday. The Village Offices are located at 141 East Broadway.

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