Granville Community Calendar

Legislation Adopted May 1, 2013

The Granville Village Council adopted the following legislation at the May 1, 2013 regular meeting: 

Ordinance No. 08-2013, An Ordinance Authorizing the Village Manager to Grant a General Permit to Timothy and Catherine H. Klingler to License the Use of the Village Right-of-Way at 120 East Elm Street 

This ordinance grants Timothy and Catherine H. Klinger a permit to encroach five feet (5’) into the right-a-way to build a wooden fence.  

Resolution No. 2012-32, A Resolution Adopting a Granville Emergency Management Plan for the Village of Granville 

On June 29, 2012, the Village experienced a straight line storm that knocked power out for the next week. The community was clearly inconvenienced, but all community services continued except for temporary street blockages.   Village staff performed a post-storm analysis of operations, which triggered a number of changes including a review of the Village's Emergency Operations Plan (EOP).  This plan was compiled by Chief Jim Mason with assistance from all members of staff.  This plan complements the Licking County Emergency Operations Plan.  The updated Emergency Management Plan will become effective immediately. 

Resolution No. 2012-33, A Resolution Adopting a Speed Trailer policy for the Village of Granville 

The Village passed a police for the recently purchased a speed trailer. The speed trailer was purchased to help control excessive speed on Village roadways and in neighborhoods.  Chief Mason developed a policy for officers and the community to understand how and when the speed trailer is to be utilized. 

Resolution No. 2012-34, A Resolution to Authorize the Non-Permanent Installation of a Sidewalk Café on the Public Sidewalk at 127 East Broadway in Front of the Business Known as Dragon Village for Calendar Year 2013, Subject to Restrictions 

This resolution authorizes a sidewalk café to be located on Village right-of-way in front of Dragon Village at 127 East Broadway.  The authorization permits this cafe through October 31, 2013 with an option for an additional period based on the discretion of the Village Manager at the time of the request.  Additional language was added to advise each business owner that all chairs, tables and stanchions must be removed by the designated date, as future approval of their sidewalk café could be denied.  All other conditions in the resolution are the same as those for the other Village sidewalk cafes. 

All legislation is available for review at the Village Offices during regular business hours, which are normally 8:00am - 4:30pm, Monday through Friday. The Village Offices are located at 141 East Broadway.

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