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Legislation Adopted September 19, 2012

The Granville Village Council adopted the following legislation at the September 19, 2012 regular meeting:

Resolution No. 2012-43, A Resolution Authorizing the Village of Granville to Prepare and Submit a Multi-Jurisdictional Application, on Behalf of the Village of Granville, City of Newark and City of Heath, for Roadway Resurfacing Projects in Order to Participate in the Ohio Public Works Commission State Capital Improvement and/or Local Transportation Improvement Programs(s), and to Execute Contracts as Required 

This resolution is to authorize the Village Manager to submit an Ohio Public Works Commission application to the District 17 Integrating Committee on behalf of the Village of Granville, City of Newark and City of Heath.  This application is for a request in funding to cover the roughly 20% portion of the following LCATS funded projects:  a)  Village of Granville South Cherry Valley Road repaving request; b) City of Heath South 30th Street repaving request; and c) City of Newark South 30th Street and West Main Street repaving requests. 

Since all three entities are funded under one (1) LCATS project, PID #87641, we chose to proceed forward with requesting funding under a multi-jurisdictional approach, which should also help us score higher when the Integrating Committee ranks the projects. 

The OPWC application will be requesting approximately $265,557.00 in grants funding.  If the OPWC application is successfully funded, the Village would be responsible for the engineering design costs only totally approximately $15,944.70.  This would result in a savings of roughly $159,447.00 overall to the Village.     

All legislation is available for review at the Village Offices during regular business hours, which are normally 8:00am - 4:30pm, Monday through Friday. The Village Offices are located at 141 East Broadway.

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