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Process to Remove Trees within Village Right-of-Way

Village Code Section 909

The intent of this policy is to establish mechanisms and policies for maintaining public Village planted trees in good health, protecting public trees from unnecessary removal and replacing public trees so that the community may continue to enjoy the many benefits associated with trees.  Public trees are those trees located on Villge rights-of-way.

Removal of a Village Tree

Each year the Village Service Department Director and the Tree & Landscape Commission select trees for removal based on reasons listed below.  When a decision is made by the Village to remove a tree, abutting and adjacent property owners that reside within one hundred feet (100’) of the proposed tree being removed are contacted in writing, by postcard or by door-hanger with information regarding the removal and contact information for questions. 

Residents and/or business owners may also request that a public Village tree be removed.  To request that a specific tree be removed from the public right-of-way, a letter describing the location of the tree, property address and a description of why the tree needs to be removed should be sent to the (Chair of the Granville Tree & Landscape Commission or Village Service Director).  

The Tree & Landscape Commission and Village Service Director evaluate tree removals based on, but not limited to, the following criteria (Village Code Section 909.05): 

  1. Is the tree dead?
  2. Is the tree deemed hazardous?  Can the hazardous condition be corrected through pruning or other reasonable arboricultural practices?
  3. Is there persistent and uncontrollable insect, disease or fruiting problems?
  4. The frequency and extensiveness of the tree’s maintenance.
  5. The proximity and quality of trees near to the one considered for removal.
  6. The extent and frequency of damage the tree is causing to surrounding infrastructure such as sidewalks, streets, sewers, etc.
  7. The feasibility and timeliness of planting a replacement tree.
  8. Is there allowable space for tree growth?

Appeal of Tree & Landscape Decision

Any property owner or adjacent property owner, who receives notice of a tree removal, may request a hearing before the Tree and Landscape Commission to appeal a decision by filing a written objection directed to the Village Manager within ten calendar days (10) after the initial notification.  The appeal should include reasons supporting why a tree should or should not be removed.   The Village Manager shall reconsider the decision to remove the tree and evaluate the information from the property owner, affected resident(s) and the Tree & Landscape Commission.  Village staff will notify all affected parties of the determination.  The decision made by the Village Manager during this process is final. 

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