Granville Community Calendar

Resolution 90-23

 WHEREAS, Granville Village and Granville Township, have
agreed that the Old Colony Burying Ground, located on the
east side of South Main Street in Granville, is a site of
community interest and historical value, and;

    WHEREAS, Granville Village owns and currently
maintains the Old Colony Burying Ground's site, and;

    WHEREAS, Granville Township owns and maintains
Grove and other township cemeteries, and;

    WHEREAS, Granville Village and Granville Township
deem it appropriate that the best interests of the Old
Colony Burying Ground are and continue to be most
appropriately served by a union for cemetery purposes and;

    WHEREAS, the term of Eric Jones, expires on May 31,

    NOW, THEREFORE, be it resolved by the Council of
Village of Granville, Ohio, that:

Section   I:    The Old Colony Burying Ground located on
east side of south Main Street in Granville Village, shall
remain a Union Cemetery in accordance with the provisions
Section 759.27, of the Ohio Revised Code.

Section II:    Granville Village Council hereby agrees to
continue to commit the necessary maintenance cost for the
Union Cemetery operation for a period during which it will
annually contribute such monies as are deemed necessary by
Union Cemetery Board of  Trustees jointly appointed
according to the provisions of Section 759.31 of the
Ohio Revised Code, until those annual contributions from
Village equal $91,000, and;

Section  III:    The Granville Village Council hereby
continues its agreement to operate the Old Colony Burying
Ground as a Union Cemetery as defined and set forth in
Section 759.27 through 759.43 of the Ohio Revised Code.

Section IV:    Eric Jones be and hereby is re-appointed to
a three (3) year term as a Union Cemetery Trustee, that
beginning June 1, 1999, and expiring May 31, 2002.

Section V:    BE IT FURTHER NOTED, that the Union
Board is as follows with terms as indicated:

Member                    Term Expires
Flo Hoffman                May 31, 2000
Barbara Lucier                May 31, 2001
Eric Jones                May 31, 2002
Section   VI:    This resolution shall take effect and be in
force immediately upon passage.

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