Granville Community Calendar

Resolution 99-02

 WHEREAS, a petition for annexation of territory to the
Village of Granville has been filed with the Board of
Licking County Commissioners, by Drew McFarland, Agent for
petitioners; and,

    WHEREAS, the territory proposed for annexation
consists of 3.78 acres, more or less, and is situated at
23 & part of Lot 22 of the Thornwood subdivision; and,

     WHEREAS, Section 709.031 of the Ohio Revised Code
requires the municipal legislative authority to adopt a
statement indicating what services, if any, the municipal
corporation will provide to the territory proposed for
annexation upon annexation; and,

    WHEREAS, the Granville Village Council has examined
its capacity for service provision within its corporate
boundaries including the property which is proposed for

    NOW, THEREFORE, be it resolved by the Council of
Granville, Ohio that:

Section I:    The Village of Granville presently provides
and would provide to                     the
property proposed for annexation the following services:

A.  Granville maintains and provides twenty-four hour
coverage by a trained, commissioned police force,
of a chief, two sergeants, seven full-time officers, and
four part time officers; the department is radio-dispatched
continuously by trained dispatchers; is equipped with four
marked cruisers, one unmarked vehicle, evidence collection
and crime scene processing equipment, three moving traffic
radar units, a blood alcohol content breath analyzer,
two-way, mobile, portable, and base radios, and additional
support equipment; and,

B.  Granville is served by the Granville Volunteer Fire
Department, Inc., a private non-profit organization
consisting of four full-time fire fighters/medical (EMT-P),
thirty-six volunteers, using three 1250 gpm pumpers, one
loader truck, one brush fire fighting vehicle, one 1,800
gallon tanker with 500 gpm pump capacity, and two ALS
equipped ambulances, and;

C.  Water supply within the municipality is available to
properties and structures in accordance with the standards
and procedures set forth in Chapter 925 (as amended), of
codified ordinances of the Village of Granville, for which
the Village has a two million gallon per day (MGD) water
treatment capacity with standpipe storage facilities by
which fire protection is provided through a distribution
system including fire hydrants and water main near the area
proposed for annexation which maintain residual pressures
exceeding 60 psi; and,  

D.  Sanitary sewage treatment and collection service within
the municipality is available to properties and structures
in accordance with the standards and procedures set forth
Chapter 921 and 923 (as amended), of the codified
of the Village of Granville:  treatment is provided at the
Village’s 1.2 MGD extended aeration sewage treatment plant;

E.  Zoning within the municipality is regulated under the
auspices of a Planning Commission and a Board of Zoning &
Building Appeals, using Zoning Ordinances which delineate
allowable construction, placement, and use of structures
facilities; and,

F.  Land Subdivision regulations, including platting,
roadways, pedestrian walkways, drainage, utility
construction and other infrastructure improvements are
overseen and enforced by professionally qualified staff and
consultants including a full-time planner/inspector; and,

G.  Street and storm sewer maintenance and improvements,
including repair, patching, sealing, berm work and snow
removal on streets, and the cleaning, repair, and
of storm sewer structures where necessary, is provided
throughout the municipality. Streets in the municipality
swept by the Village Service Department regularly; and,

H.  Sidewalk replacement cost is shared with property
owners; and,

I.  Maintenance of trees in public rights-of way, including
trimming, cabling and/or removal where necessary is a
Village function, and;

J.  The Village provides a once-each-year large item
curbside trash removal, annually removes tree leaves from
curbside in each autumn season, and removes brush placed
curbside monthly as scheduled. Trash pick-up and removal is
provided throughout the Village through service agreements
between the property owners and trash haulers; and,

K.  Routine road maintenance, upkeep and repair is
by Village employees. Major repairs and improvements are
determined by public contract. Maintenance, upkeep and
repairs of the roadways contiguous to the area proposed for
annexation will be performed pursuant to a joint service
agreement with the Granville Township Trustees,
upkeep and repairs of any dedicated streets within
property will be performed by the Village; and,  

Section II:    The Council of the Village of Granville
hereby states that the foregoing and other ancillary
services are and will be provided within the corporation
will be provided in the property proposed for annexation to
the same extent they are provided throughout the

Section III:    This resolution shall take effect
immediately upon passage.

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