Granville Community Calendar

Resolution 99-06

     WHEREAS, Bob Daganhardt was a member of the
Granville Community; and, a 1947 Graduate of Denison
University; and,

    WHEREAS, Mr. Daganhardt’s friends and fraternity
brothers have donated, in his memory, three (3) dogwood
trees to be planted in coordination with Granville’s Tree &
Landscape Commission’s Tree Replacement Program.

    WHEREAS, this resolution recognizes these gifts
received from:
            Mr. & Mrs. David S. Ecker
            Mr. Richard H. Gravett, Jr.
            Mr. and Mrs. Jack Heller
            Mr. and Mrs. Senour Hunt
            Mr. David E. Reese, Jr.
            Mr. and Mrs. David Richards    
            Mr. Edward E. Rupp
            Mr. Howard G. Shaw
            Mr. and Mrs. Dexter C. Tight
            Mr. George W. Weidemaier
            Dr. Charles F. Wright
    NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Village of
Granville, Ohio, that:

Section   I:    This resolution shall take effect
immediately upon passage.

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