Granville Community Calendar

Resolution 99-16

 WHEREAS, on or about April 30, 1996 Fanchion R. Lewis made
a gift of certain real property to the Village of
Ohio "restricted in its use to that of a park, picnic,
natural trails, or greenspace area and for similar
activities open to the public"; and,

WHEREAS, the gift of this property further requires that
"only improvements that may be made thereon are those
necessary for the use, maintenance and development of said
property for the purposes described"; and,

WHEREAS, there is located on this property a dilapidated
barn, commonly known as a "loafing barn"; and,

WHEREAS, the Village, after due inspection and
consideration, has determined that the attempted repair or
restoration of this structure is unjustified and not
consistent with the "peaceful tranquillity of the area" as
specified in the grant of Fanchion R. Lewis.  

BE IT RESOLVED by the Council of Granville, Ohio that:

Section      I:    The Village Manager is hereby authorized to
cause the demolition and removal of the "loafing" barn
located within the Fanchion Robb and Raymond J. Lewis Ty
Tawel Farm Memorial Park.  

Section    II:    The Manager is further directed to cause a
restoration of the area currently occupied by the barn to
place that portion of the property in as natural a state as
is possible upon the removal of the barn.

 Section   III:    The resolution shall take place immediately
upon passage.

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