Granville Community Calendar

Resolution 99-18

 WHEREAS, the Licking County Area Transportation Study
has funds available for bike path improvements, and;

WHEREAS, included in those funds is the availability of
funds to extend the bike path within the Village of
Granville from Cherry Valley Road to Welsh Hills School;
WHEREAS, The Village of Granville wishes to participate in
this extension of the bike path; and,

WHEREAS,  The Village of Granville agrees to share in the
cost of this project, including future maintenance costs.

BE IT RESOLVED by the Council of Granville, Ohio that:

Section     I:    The Village of Granville agrees to share in
the cost of the project as follows:
Transportation Enhancement Funds Requested        
$165,000 = 78% of total.
Local Funds Committed To Project$  47,120 = 22% of total
Total    $212,120  

Section   II:      The Manager is hereby authorized on behalf
of the Village of Granville, to submit an application for
Transportation Enhancement Activity (TEA) funds.

Section  III:    This resolution shall take effect
immediately upon passage.

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