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Resolution 99-32

 WHEREAS, the Village Council of the Village of Granville, Ohio, would like to express its appreciation to the village staff and others for their work in ensuring that Granville has a safe environment where the right of free speech can flourish; including the implicit free speech right of others to choose whether or not to continue listening to a given speech, and;

WHEREAS, while many members of the Village staff contributed to this accomplishment, the Village Council would like to recognize certain contributions as being representative of the nature of the service to the community provided by the overall staff, and;

WHEREAS, Police Chief Steve Cartnal and his officers did an extraordinary job of maintaining the law while at the same time exercising the sort of measured prudence which prevents more difficult situations. Particularly impressive was the work of Officer Jim Mason whose restraint and good judgment under extreme conditions allowed the law to be enforced without what could easily have been a significantly detrimental escalation, and;

WHEREAS, Law Director Rufus Hurst also served the village well. His contributions ranged from ensuring the creation of a sensible, reasoned ordinance to address the issues involved, to his last minute negotiations which allowed the Fourth of July celebrations to be held this year, to repeatedly interrupting his own family obligations in order to provide police officers with guidance regarding enforcement of the ordinance, and to mounting a solid defense of the ordinance when it was challenged in federal court. A good measure of the quality of Law Director Hurst’s work on this matter is that the ordinance he brought together and then defended is now likely to be adopted by a number of communities throughout Ohio, and;

WHEREAS, Village Manager Joe Hickman gave the kind of seasoned well thought out management to the entire process that we have come to know from his work. One can easily see how without his levelheaded approach the situation would have deteriorated rapidly and significantly, and;

WHEREAS, Village Council would also like to recognize the efforts of Mark Weaver and Benson Wolman in providing additional advice and review to help ensure that the ordinance enacted would protect people from what they might find abusive without infringing on any speaker’s constitutional right of free speech, and;


Section I: The people of Granville have reason to be proud of the village staff who, under conditions made significantly more difficult by the unfortunate degree of publicity surrounding the ordinance and related activities, served the Granville community so well.

Section II: This resolution shall take effect and be in full force immediately upon passage.

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