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Resolution 99-37

 WHEREAS, the Village Council of the Village of Granville, Ohio, would like to express its appreciation to the Granville Exempted School District Board of Education, the City of Newark and others for their efforts in reducing some of the tax burden to Licking County caused by the M/I Schottenstein development planned for the Keny property, and;

 WHEREAS, the Village Council believes that we are in Licking County a "community of communities" which can and should work together to ensure the overall highest possible standard of living and quality of life for all county residents, and;

 WHEREAS, the Village Council believes that well-planned developments can and should enhance the overall standard of living and quality of life for Licking County residents while providing profit to both landowners and developers, and;

 WHEREAS, residential developments seriously and negatively impact the budgets of a number of different governmental entities (including, for example, budgets for water and sewer extensions, water and sewer capacity, potential fire station construction or expansion, fire and emergency equipment additions and staffing, parks and recreation facilities, schools, and increased road construction and maintenance in both the community in which the development resides as well as surrounding communities), and;

 WHEREAS, due to such significantly increased costs developments such as the M/I Schottenstein Keny development tend to reduce the overall standard of living and quality of life for Licking County residents by shifting the burden of new developments onto taxpayers who have lived here for years, and;

 WHEREAS, the Village Council accepts the proposed Newark/Granville Community Authority for the M/I Schottenstein development on the Keny property as it for a period of time partially addresses the budget impact of that development on a key governmental entity, and;

 WHEREAS, for future developments the Village Council believes the overall Licking County community would benefit from an initiative which would cover the needs of all the impacted communities and of all the impacted governmental budgets so that existing Licking County taxpayers will not be left funding any developments beyond the M/I Schottenstein Keny development, and;

 NOW, THEREFORE, be it resolved by the Council of Granville, Ohio, that:

 Section I: All governmental units in the community should join together and set minimum standards and requirements which prospective developers must meet in order to develop property within the area. The standards would be designed to ensure that existing Licking County taxpayers are not left funding future developers. These standards should include provisions for fully covering costs of education, water and sewer extension, water and sewer capacity, roadways and other transportation infrastructure, fire and police station expansions, increased fire, emergency and police staffing, open space to help maintain property values, and recreation facilities. Such a set of minimum standards and requirements would help prevent developers in the future from forcing the cost of their development onto existing Licking County taxpayers by playing one community in the area off another.

Section II: All governmental units in the community should develop a cooperative and mutually beneficial process for evaluation and approval of developments that impact multiple governmental units within the overall community. This process would help ensure that the minimum standards and requirements are fully implemented and that each development enhances or maintains the overall standard of living and quality of life for community residents, rather than each development increasing notch-by-notch the burden on existing taxpayers in the overall community.

Section III: This resolution shall take effect and be in full force immediately upon passage. 

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