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Resolution 99-45

 WHEREAS, following his appointment as Village Manager in Spring, 1998, Manager Hickman has demonstrated a high level of professionalism in performing his duties as Village Manager; and

 WHEREAS, Manager Hickman has shown himself to be an effective Manager - one who is respected by the Village staff, who is efficient in the allocation of Village’s limited resources, and who has always looked for ways to save the Village money in the manner that he allocates those resources; and

 WHEREAS, Manager Hickman has faithfully carried forth the policies set forth by Council, has sought creative solutions to accomplish those policies, and has always been open to new and different approaches in carrying forth his duties; and

 WHEREAS, Manager Hickman has demonstrated himself to be an effective leader and respected spokesperson for the Village; and

 WHEREAS, Manager Hickman has demonstrated an especially high ability to deal with people in an honest, respectful, and professional way, whether he is interacting with Village staff, with representatives from other communities, with the citizens of Granville, or with the Village Council; and

 WHEREAS, Manager Hickman has demonstrated a high degree of moral fiber and a sense of high duty to the Village and greater Granville community; and

 WHEREAS, in the last several months, Council has come to view Manager Hickman not only as an effective manager, but also a good friend; and

 WHEREAS, in light of all of these fine attributes, Council wishes to recognize the fine job that Manager Hickman has performed during this past year,


Section I: Council hereby recognizes Manager Hickman’s exemplary performance and awards a bonus of $2,500 to Manager Hickman, payable at the earliest possible date, but no later than the end of this year.

Section II: This resolution shall take effect immediately upon passage. 

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