Granville Community Calendar

Resolution 00-14

 WHEREAS, Fred Wolf, proprietor of Victoria’s Parlour, has
requested Council's permission to install a non-permanent
sidewalk cafe on a portion of the public sidewalk in front
of their business establishment at 134 East Broadway, and;

    WHEREAS, the Granville Planning Commission has
recommended to Council approval of Fred Wolf request
subject to restrictions,

    NOW, THEREFORE, be it resolved by the Council of
Granville, Ohio, that:

Section   I:    Fred Wolf, d.b.a. Victoria’s Parlour, is
hereby granted permission to install a sidewalk cafe on a
portion of the public sidewalk in front of 134 East
Broadway subject to the following restrictions:

    A)  The sidewalk cafe area is to be segregated from
the rest of the sidewalk by means of planters and/or rope
stanchions, or similar moveable fixtures;

    B)  The area so segregated is not to exceed twenty
(20) feet wide, fifteen (15) feet deep, measured from
either side border of the store premises and its building
face, respectively;

    C)  An east/west access corridor through the cafe
shall be provided;

    D)  No exterior lights are to be installed;

    E)  The cafe area shall be staffed during all hours
of business operation;

    F)  No cooking shall be permitted outside the
existing Victoria’s Parlour facilities - the sidewalk cafe
may engage only in food service, subject to approval by the
Licking County Board of Health;

    G)  Victoria’s Parlour and its owners shall at all
times be responsible for the cleanliness of the sidewalk
cafe areas;

    H)  Prior to installation of the sidewalk cafe,
Victoria’s Parlour and/or its owners shall provide the
Village of Granville with a certificate of insurance in an
amount equal to or greater than one-million ($1,000,000) /
two-million ($2,000,000) dollars, naming the Village of
Granville as an additional insured and certificate holder;

    I) No alcoholic beverages are to be served or
imbibed on the public sidewalk;

    J) Outdoor furnishings, planters, stanchions, and
all other outdoor fixtures are subject to architectural
review and approval by the Granville Planning Commission.

Section  II:    Victoria’s Parlour and its current owners
are hereby granted nonexclusive commercial use of the
property described herein until October 31, 2000. All
fixtures of the cafe shall be removed on this date.

Section III:    This resolution shall take effect
immediately upon passage.

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