Granville Community Calendar

Resolution 00-20

 BE IT RESOLVED by the Council of Granville, Ohio that:

Section      I:    The Village Manager is hereby authorized to
enter into a contract with Maher Consulting & Design for
the purpose of updating the Village of Granville’s web site
for the following contract fee(s):
$1,200    Layout
$   900    Calendar
$1,400    Map (walking)
$   500    E-mail list
$   350    Planning & Zoning (instructions, application)
$   300    Tax form
$   150    Expand Gov’t information
$   150    Map (directional)
$   500    Search (council minutes/legislation)

Section    II:    The Village Manager is hereby also
authorized to enter into a contract with Vivian Ashbaugh
for the following:

    $1,870    100 photos for walking map (develop & scan)
        Web site redesign         
    Total - $ 7,320

Section   III:    This resolution shall take effect
immediately upon passage.

Employee Payroll / Compensation

The Village has thirty-six (36) full-time employees, 16 regular part-time employees and seaonal employees. Village Personnel Policy

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