Granville Community Calendar

Resolution 01-20

 WHEREAS, the 1998 Strategic Update of the Granville
Comprehensive Plan concluded that there is “extraordinary
development pressure” on Granville and that “[t]he unique
and attractive character of the Village, the abundance of
buildable land in the Township, and the exemplary Granville
School District are desirable characteristics that create a
prime target for development;” and

    WHEREAS, citizens and taxpayers of the Village are
also citizen taxpayers of the Township; and

    WHEREAS, poorly controlled development presents a
clear danger to the quality of life of Village residents,
to the economic vitality of the Village and Township, and
the pursuit of academic excellence for the students of the
Granville Exempted School District; and

    WHEREAS, the citizens of Granville Village
championed the preservation of undeveloped land by
supporting the 2.65 million dollar bond in the election of
November 2000; and

    WHEREAS, current efforts by the Council of
Granville Village and the Trustees of Granville Township
may not be sufficient in addressing present and future
development challenges; and

    WHEREAS, Section 2.08 of the Charter of the Village
of Granville empowers Council to create boards, commissions
and other bodies; and

    WHEREAS, Section 3.08 of the Charter for the
Village of Granville empowers Council to submit
ordnances “to popular vote by initiative or referendum; and

    NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, by the Council of
Granville, Ohio, a majority of the elected members
concurring that:

Section   I:    Council shall create a Strategic Land
Acquisition and Development Committee (hereafter committee).

Section  II:    The Committee shall be composed of three
members of Council nominated and appointed by Council.

Section III:    The Committee shall be empowered to:
a)    Identify and represent to Council land, located in
the Village, Township and Granville Exempted School
District, for acquisition by the Village.
b)    Present to Council modus operandi for land
acquisition.  These may include by are not limited to:
1)    Use of existing budgeted funds for land acquisition;
2)    Appropriation of additional funds from the General
3)    Bonds for specific purchase submitted to popular
vote by initiative or referendum;
4)    Bonds submitted to popular vote for the enlargement
of funds of land acquisition;
c)    Appoint one member of the Committee, who shall
report both to the Committee and to Council, to assist the
efforts of Township Trustees in the acquisition of
strategic land;
d)    Pursue joint efforts with local, regional, and
national groups committed to farmland preservation; green
space; and low-impact sustainable development.

Section IV:    Unless presented to popular vote all land
acquisitions shall be decided by Council.

Section V:    This Resolution shall take effect
immediately upon passage.

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