Granville Community Calendar

Resolution 01-24

 WHEREAS the retired Village residents of the Village of
Granville (hereafter village) are a vital asset to the
community and enrich the lives of all who live in it; and

            WHEREAS many retired citizens of the village
support themselves on fixed incomes; and

             WHEREAS as they age retired citizens of the
village face new challenges such as the maintenance of
their property; and

             WHEREAS retired citizens of the village may
confront substantial financial challenges with regard to
local, state and federal taxes that threaten their ability
to remain in the village; and

              WHEREAS it is in the community's interest to
slow the growth in student enrollment and to reduce
pressure on the public school system; and

              WHEREAS the departure of village residents
typically results in an increase in single families that
have, or plan to have, children who will enter the public
school system.

               NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, by the
Council of Granville, Ohio, a majority of the elected
members concurring that:

Section 1.  Council instructs the Village Manager and staff
to explore incentives to retain retired citizens in the

Section 2.  Council instructs the Village Manager to
solicit comments and advice from the Superintendent of
Schools and the School Board of the Granville Exempted
School District.

Section 3.  Council instructs the Village Manager and staff
to complete the work in above Sections 1-2 by 1 September

Section 4.   This Resolution shall take effect immediately
upon passage.

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