Granville Community Calendar

Resolution 01-34

 WHEREAS, Granville Village and Granville Township, have
agreed that the Old Colony Burying Ground, located on the
east side of South Main Street in Granville, is a site of
community interest and historical value, and;

    WHEREAS, Granville Village owns and currently
maintains the Old Colony Burying Ground's site, and;

    WHEREAS, Granville Township owns and maintains
Maple Grove and other township cemeteries, and;

    WHEREAS, Granville Village and Granville Township
deem it appropriate that the best interests of the Old
Colony Burying Ground are and continue to be most
appropriately served by a union for cemetery purposes and;

    WHEREAS, the term of Barb Lucier, expires on May
31, 2001.

    NOW, THEREFORE, be it resolved by the Council of
the Village of Granville, Ohio, that:

Section   I:    The Old Colony Burying Ground located on
the east side of South Main Street in Granville Village,
shall remain a Union Cemetery in accordance with the
provisions of Section 759.27, of the Ohio Revised Code.

Section II:     The Granville Village Council hereby
continues its agreement to operate the Old Colony Burying
Ground as a Union Cemetery as defined and set forth in
Section 759.27 through 759.43 of the Ohio Revised Code.

Section III:    Barb Lucier be and hereby is re-appointed
to a three (3) year term as a Union Cemetery Trustee, that
term beginning June 1, 2001, and expiring May 31, 2004.

Section IV:    BE IT FURTHER NOTED, that the Union
Cemetery Board is as follows with terms as indicated:

Member                    Term Expires
Flo Hoffman                May 31, 2003
Barbara Lucier                May 31, 2004
Eric Jones                May 31, 2002
Section V:    This resolution shall take effect and be in
force immediately upon passage.

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