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Resolution 01-51

WHEREAS, the Village of Granville (Village) has an established policy of not providing sewer and water utility services, or extending infrastructure, to any property located outside the corporate boundaries of the Village, and it hereby restates that policy;

WHEREAS, Kendal at Granville (Kendal) has requested that the Village provide water services to its new site, and the Village hereby finds and determines that it is in the best interest of the Village to do so;

WHEREAS, the Village is currently providing water service to the Owens Corning Science and Technology Center (Owens Corning) and the Kendal property is immediately adjacent to the water line that extends to the Owens Corning site. Thus, the provision of water service to Kendal in accordance with this Resolution will not require the Village to extend any additional water lines outside of the Village;

WHEREAS, the Granville Comprehensive Plan recognizes the importance of having a senior citizen retirement community such as Kendal;

WHEREAS, the Granville Comprehensive Plan specifies the great importance of protecting and preserving open space;

WHEREAS, Village Council is committed to historic and scenic preservation;

WHEREAS, the Granville community faces extraordinary development pressure;

WHEREAS, the Kendal property is being developed consistent with the Township requirements for land use density, set- back requirements, and green space requirements in accordance with the Granville Comprehensive Plan;

WHEREAS, the Council is committed not to provide water outside the Village limits to stimulate or encourage the development of single family housing that could bring additional school-age children to the Granville Exempted Village School District;

WHEREAS, it is hereby determined that the Village has surplus water utility services that it can provide to the new Kendal at Granville site on an exclusive basis, and that it still remains in the best interests of the Village not to provide such service to any other properties located outside of the Village; and

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, by at least a majority of the members of the Council of the Village of Granville, State of Ohio, that: 

Section 1. Pursuant to the terms and conditions of this Resolution and the terms and conditions of the contract to be entered into by the Village and Kendal at Granville, the Village is hereby authorized to and shall provide surplus water services to the Kendal at Granville property.

Section 2. The provision of utility services herein to Kendal shall be governed by the contract entered into by the Village and Kendal consistent with the discussions between the Village and Kendal at the August 8th meeting, which shall contain at least the following provisions: that the amount of water provided by the contract shall be 250 gallons per day per independent living unit; that the period of the contract shall be thirty years beginning with Kendal’s tap-in to the 12” water main; and that the contract price shall be equal to 1.3 times the rate in effect for Granville customers who purchase water and reside within the corporate boundaries of the Village of Granville. 

Section 3. Final action to authorize providing water to Kendal shall take the form of an Ordinance.

Section 4: The Village Manager is hereby authorized to execute the contract and to take whatever other action is necessary to implement the terms and conditions of the contract.

Section 5. This Resolution shall take effect immediately upon passage.

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