Granville Community Calendar

Resolution 02-08

 WHEREAS, Keith Myers served as a Planning Commission
Member for the Village of Granville from February 1, 1995
to January 14, 2002; and

WHEREAS, In those 7 years of service Keith gave faithfully
of his time, talents and resources to help maintain a
community standard that is apparent to both residents and
visitors of the community; and

WHEREAS, Keith’s understanding and knowledge of planning
principles, and sensitivity to the historic and
architectural value of this community has helped to
strengthen the ability of the Village to maintain the
qualities and values that all citizens of this Village hold
dear; and

WHEREAS, Keith’s professional expertise and experience have
been an invaluable asset to both the Planning Commission
and Village Staff in our attempt to maintain the New
England charm that Granville is known for and at the same
time enhancing the health, safety and general welfare of
the people that live and work within its boundaries; and

WHEREAS, Keith has assisted the Village beyond and in
addition to his work on the Planning Commission through his
generous advice to Village staff and Village Council, and
through his work on the Comprehensive Plan;


Section I:    On behalf of the citizens of the Village of
Granville, Village Council and the Planning Commission
would like to extend our gratitude and appreciation to you,
Keith Myers, for all you have done and for all you will
continue to do in other capacities to enrich the lives of
us all.

Section II:    This resolution shall take effect
immediately upon passage.

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