Granville Community Calendar

Resolution 02-10


    WHEREAS, in accordance with Article VII, Section
8.01 of the Granville Village Charter, the Council of
Granville, Ohio, did by Resolution No. 65-2 create a
Development Commission and appoint members thereto; and,

    WHEREAS, the electorate of the Village of Granville
adopted Ordinance No. 28-89, to modify the said Article
VII, Section 8.01 of the Granville Village Charter, which
changed the title of the Granville Development Commission
to the Granville Planning Commission; and,

    WHEREAS, Keith Myers has resigned his position on
the Commission, effective January 14, 2002.

    NOW, THEREFORE, be it resolved by the Council of
Granville, Ohio, that:

Section  I:    Barb Lucier be and hereby is appointed to
the Granville Planning Commission for an unexpired term,
said term ending January 31, 2004.

    BE IT FURTHER NOTED, that the Granville Planning
Commission Membership is as follows with terms as indicated:

Member                        Term Expires
Barb Lucier (unexpired)             January 31, 2004

Mark Parris                January 31, 2005

Jack Burris                         January 31, 2003

Carl Wilkenfeld                  January 31, 2003

Richard Salvage(School Board Rep.)    January 31, 2003

Richard Main(Council Rep.)         January 31, 2003

Section IV:    This resolution shall take effect and be in
full force immediately upon passage.

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