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Resolution 02-29


BE IT RESOLVED by the Council of Granville, Ohio, a majority of the elected members concurring that:

Section I: Council hereby creates a Bryn Du Mansion/Longaberger Property Advisory Committee (hereinafter Committee).

Section II: The Committee shall be composed of at least five citizens of the Village of Granville. The members shall be appointed by Council by a majority vote following public advertisement, call for nominations, and disclosure of conflicting interests. Council shall appointment one member as Committee Chairperson. Preferred backgrounds for nominees are those in the fields of architecture, landscape architecture, business, and real estate law and/or development. The Committee shall have the right to add members with required backgrounds after the Committee is formed.

Section III: All Committee members shall have a full voice and vote in Committee decisions.

Section IV: The Committee shall be empowered to: a) Identify expenses and costs to maintain, correct, and improve Bryn Du Mansion and the Longaberger Property; b) Identify, study and recommend to Council possible uses and funding sources for the Bryn Du Mansion and the Longaberger property; c) Hold public hearings to receive and obtain input from the citizens of Granville on the possible uses of said property; d) Identify and utilize experts; e) Identify grants and monies available for the development of the Bryn Du Mansion/Longaberger Property; f) Make reports at each Village Council meeting on the progress of the committee; g) Make a preliminary report including recommendations and sources of funding to Village Council by October 16, 2002; h) Serve as an Advisory Commission to Village Council on all matters related to the Bryn Du Mansion/Longaberger Property; i) Village Council shall provide resources to accomplish these tasks not to exceed $10,000.

Section V: If and when the Brun Du Mansion and Longaberger Property is purchased by the Village, the Committee shall recommend the structure of an Advisory Commission whose purpose is to oversee the uses over time of this historic property.

Section VI: This Resolution shall take effect immediately upon passage. 

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