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Resolution 02-37

 WHEREAS, the Strategic Land Acquisition Committee created by the Village of Granville Council identified Bryn Du as a valuable cultural landmark and a historic property at risk of unwanted development;

 WHEREAS, the Village of Granville is committed to the preservation of greenspace;

 WHEREAS, the development of land at Bryn Du would have an adverse impact on Bryn Du as a historic and cultural landmark, further burden the school system, and create increased pressure on infrastructure;

 WHEREAS, the Village Council of the Village of Granville voted to place the purchase of Bryn Du on the ballot for the November 2002 general election;

 WHEREAS, a committee of citizens, on the basis of detailed research and considerable discussion, had determined the importance of preserving Bryn Du, and especially the green space;

 WHEREAS, the committee has marshaled data that provides the citizenry with information on: the possible impacts of developing Bryn Du; the range of costs for renovating the main building; possible uses; funding sources; and elicited citizen input;

 NOW, THEREFORE, be it resolved by a unanimous vote of the Council of Granville, Ohio, that:

Section I: Council enthusiastically supports the public purchase of Bryn Du.

Section II: Village Council commits to accept the previously offered greenspace money from Township Trustees under conditions acceptable to both parties.

Section III: Village Council thanks the Longaberger Company for its willingness to present this opportunity to voters of this Village.

Section IV: This resolution shall take effect and be in force immediately upon passage.

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