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Resolution 02-44

 WHEREAS, the Granville Village Council authorized Sensibilities, Inc to sublease the property of 118 South Main Street, Granville, Ohio, to St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in Resolution 01-21; and

WHEREAS, Nest Feathers has requested permission from Sensibilities, Inc. to rent from St. Luke’s Episcopal Church for a season store the ground floor of 118 South Main Street for the months of November and December 2002; and

WHEREAS, Sensibilities Inc. has consented to the sublease by St. Luke’s Episcopal Church to Nest Feathers contingent upon the consent of the Village of Granville.

NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE COUNCIL OF GRANVILLE, OHIO, that: Section I: The Village of Granville consents to the sublease of the ground floor of 118 South Main Street, Granville, Ohio, by St. Luke’s Episcopal Church to Nest Feathers for a seasonal store for the period November 1, 2002 through December 31, 2002, contingent upon the approval of the Granville Planning Commission. Section II: Nest Feathers shall also be required, as a condition of this approval, to obtain and maintain from a company or companies providing insurance in the State of Ohio fire and extended coverage insurance on the premises in the amount of $310,000 and shall obtain and maintain liability insurance for loss from accident or death of persons in the amount of $1,000,000 per person and $2,000,000 per occurrence ($1,000,000/$2,000,000). Nest Feathers shall cause the Village of Granville, Ohio to be listed as an additionally named insured under such policy or policies.

 Section III: This resolution shall take effect immediately upon passage. 

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