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Resolution 02-51


WHEREAS, some residents of the Village of Granville have encouraged the Village Council to acquire some part or all of the Spring Valley property, and

WHEREAS, Village Council would like to obtain more information regarding the Spring Valley property, and

WHEREAS, a number of individuals have volunteered to assist Village Council in this work, NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED by the Council of Granville, Ohio, that:

Section 1. The following persons are hereby appointed as members of the Spring Valley Study Committee (the “Committee”): Ted Barclay Roger Kessler Ben Barton Liz Maher Carla Beckerley Christie Pappas Kitty Consolo Tom Sharp Clifton Crais Tym Tyler Alan Falquet Beth White Jerry Griffin

Section 2. The Committee shall gather information useful or desirable to assist Village Council in its consideration and the Committee is specifically charged with developing the following items:

1. Identify the property available for purchase at the Spring Valley site, including the location and ownership of adjacent properties excluded by the current owners from any proposed sale.

2. Categorize and identify the existing improvements and the condition of the improvements, including the buildings, swimming pool and water and sanitary sewage facilities serving the site. Identify suggested or needed repairs or improvements to the site and costs thereof, if the site were acquired for a public swimming facility.

3. Identify the present zoning entitlements of the site and the likelihood of commercial development at the site. Identify the difficulties of development of the site as a pool or otherwise, including any governmental permits required. Consider and determine 1) the relative value for the community of preserving the land in its totality as park land with or without a pool and, 2) the opposite, of allowing the land to be developed commercially or residentially.

4. Determine the expected costs to operate and maintain the pool at the Spring Valley site for a three- year period. Look at the experiences of other communities in the swimming pool business, and who would run it and how it would be run, i.e. suggest whether the Village manages it, contract the management out, or partner with another entity.

5. Determine the likely impact of government operation of the pool on competing facilities within Granville Township and the surrounding municipalities.

6. Obtain copies of appraisals or estimates of the value of the site. 7. Identify expected traffic impacts from the operation of a pool or other commercial uses of the site.

8. Suggest a method (such as scientific survey, advisory vote or other method) to determine accurately the interest of Village residents in the purchase of the site.

9. Make available to the general public copies of all information obtained by the committee and conduct the business of the Committee in “open meetings”, as determined by Ohio’s Open Meetings and Public Records law.

10. Identify the likely sources of financing for the acquisition and development of the site and the likelihood that the identified public entities will participate in the financing.

Section 3. Village Council will provide the Committee with a budget of $ 7,500 to assist in collection of the requested information. Section 4. The Committee shall submit a report to Village Council by March 31, 2003. Section 5. This resolution shall take effect and be in force from and after the earliest date permitted by law.

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