Granville Community Calendar

Resolution 03-58

WHEREAS the Council of the Village of Granville (hereafter Council) faces many challenges arising from developments such as:  the widening of State Highway 161; demands on infrastructure; annexations of township lands; pressure on the public school system; appropriate and sustainable economic development; and  preserving the integrity of Granville;


WHEREAS addressing these challenges requires a council that is responsive and proactive;
WHEREAS Council currently has thirteen standing committees;
WHEREAS the current organization of council, specifically its committee structure, complicates the timely completion of work and the formulation of policies addressing the challenges facing the community;
NOW, THEREFORE, be it resolved by the Council of Granville, Ohio that:

Section I.  Committees of Council 1.    Committees of Council shall be:
   a.    Economic, Finance and Personnel Committee
   b.    Streets, Sidewalks, Safety, Utilities and Lights
   c.    Planning and Zoning

2.    Membership
   a.    Each committee shall consist of three members of Council each.
   b.    The mayor shall appoint members of standing committees.
   c.    The mayor may be a member of any committee but cannot chair a  committee of council.
   d.    The chair of committees shall be appointed from within each  committee.

Section II:  This resolution shall take effect immediately upon passage.


Employee Payroll / Compensation

The Village has thirty-six (36) full-time employees, 16 regular part-time employees and seaonal employees. Village Personnel Policy

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