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Resolution 06-41



WHEREAS, the Village Council recently held a planning session for the purpose of developing priorities for Calendar Year 2007; and

WHEREAS, following the planning session, each Council Member identified those priorities that he or she felt were the most important to accomplish in 2007; and

WHEREAS, the individual rankings of each Council Member were combined into a cumulative ranking that represented the composite views of the Council; and

WHEREAS, the priorities will be used by the Village Staff and the Council as a guide for the development of the 2007 work plan and annual budget.


Section I. The priorities listed in Attachment A, which is made a part hereof as if fully rewritten herein, are hereby affirmed as the Village Council Priorities for Calendar Year 2007:

Section II. The Village Staff is hereby directed to use the priorities as a guide for the development of the 2007 work plan and annual budget.

Section III. This Resolution shall become effective from and after the earliest period provided by law.   

Attachment A

List of Priorities for 2007


Prepare for and successfully complete the first round of negotiations with the Police Department, resulting in a contract that is fair for both parties and fiscally responsible. Implement the contract. Emphasize and foster fairness and consistency in police enforcement. Increase positive presence and visibility of police in the community.


Develop a financial management policy and establish goals for adequate fund reserves, including a "rainy day fund". Protect the General Fund reserve through efficient and rational spending.

Implement a strategic budgeting process, focusing on critical core functions and priorities rather than incremental budgeting.

Identify anticipated fiscal trends for the next ten years. Develop a five-year projection of operating revenues and expenses and a five-year capital improvement plan including anticipated funding sources. Include the impact of the police unionization and the cost of maintaining infrastructure. Identify alternative sources of income in light of an anticipated leveling of tax revenue growth and recognize the impact of other levies on the ability to raise funds. Include impact of levies, particularly those from the school, on the stability of the population and the quality of life.

Look more aggressively at the availability of state and federal funding assistance.

In conjunction with the Township, develop a strategic plan for the extension of water and sewer services and for the management of those activities that impact the extension of those services.

Complete and link the 201/208 Water Quality Management plans with the Comprehensive Plan.

Devise a strategy for managing the positive impacts and mitigating the negative impacts of the Route 161 improvements on the Township and the Village.

Build on the partnership among the Village, Township and school district and take a more active role in managing growth and resisting encroachment by other jurisdictions into the Township; explore alternatives to 201 Water Quality Management plan; provide up-to-date assessment of property and potential development pressures.

Complete the Comprehensive Plan in conjunction with Granville Township and educate citizens about the plan to develop consensus on a vision for the community and to decide on the types of growth that the Council wants to encourage and a strategy for how that growth will be managed


Complete the River Road annexation; develop a plan for improving the Main Street/Lancaster Road (SR 37/661) entrance into town, including public and private partnerships; study the feasibility of relocating the Village service department, including a possible joint facility with the Township, and examine potential sites and potential sources of funding.


In partnership with the Bryn Du Commission, provide guidelines and encouragement for the development of a management plan for the Bryn Du property, including how to make it self-sustaining, the feasibility of a tax levy, and whether the property could be developed as a Community Center


Develop a strategy for economic development, be proactive in building positive relationships with businesses, support downtown businesses and other desirable business types, foster entrepreneurship.

Work with the Chamber of Commerce to develop a strategy for recruiting, retaining, and sustaining the downtown businesses and enhancing the vitality of the downtown

Develop a plan for expanding and enhancing the commercial tax base, including the recruitment of new businesses.

Complete a thorough review of staffing and associated work demands. Identify goals in attracting, training, and compensating Village employees so that personnel policies and decisions are understandable by Council and staff, and the value of employees' compensation packages are understood in terms of the marketplace for their services


Evaluate the feasibility of the development of a senior center/community center, including the need for a center, the services and programs to be provided, the estimated cost for the facility, potential sources of funding, potential locations including the Bryn Du property, and community support


Encourage more decision-making at the staff level; refer citizen concerns to staff, have staff attempt to resolve, with feedback to council.


Examine deer management options, prepare a community survey to assess support for various options, and develop a plan for the management of the deer population


Continue the process of updating the subdivision and zoning ordinances to be prepared for new development pressures, with a focus on better communication and more/better information in terms of process


Employee Payroll / Compensation

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