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Resolution 07-11

BY: Councilmember Barsky
WHEREAS, Denison University has requested the partial closure of West College Street from Mulberry Street to Plum Street for the renovation and expansion of Cleveland Hall; and
WHEREAS, Denison University has also requested that the closure begin in the summer of 2007 and extend until the completion of the Cleveland Hall construction, which is estimated to be approximately 18 months; and
WHEREAS, the Village Council recognizes that there are limited areas adjacent to Cleveland Hall where materials, construction equipment, and construction vehicles can be stored, parked, or mobilized; and
WHEREAS, the Village Council is willing to allow the partial closure of West College Street on a temporary basis but wants to minimize the impact of the closure on the residents of College Street and the remainder of the Granville community.
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Council of the Village of Granville, Ohio that:
Section 1. That Denison University is hereby authorized to close West College Street from Mulberry Street to Plum Street (hereinafter referred to as “the block”) for the renovation and expansion of Cleveland Hall, subject to the following conditions:
a. The closure may begin in the summer of 2007 and continue until the earlier of (1) when construction and renovation of Cleveland Hall has progressed to the point where construction materials, vehicles, and equipment can be moved from the street or (2) to July 31, 2008.
b. One-way traffic will be maintained through the block throughout the construction period, except for those times that a full closure of all traffic lanes may be necessary to accommodate the unloading of materials or the staging of equipment. Those full closures shall be kept to a minimum and the Fire Department and Police Department shall be notified in advance of any such full closure.
c. Two-way traffic will be restored through the block during the Fourth of July festivities and for other special events as requested by the Village.
d. One space on Plum Street may be eliminated during the construction period to allow construction vehicles to turn from West College Street onto Plum Street; however, two parking spaces shall be maintained for public use on the west end of West College Street.
e. Denison will take all reasonable measures to ensure that students and faculty who normally park along the block will instead park on the upper campus.
f. Denison will provide parking on the upper campus for the construction workers and will require carpooling from the parking area(s) to the construction site.
g. In addition to the parking space(s) referred to in paragraph d. above, Denison will make other spaces available on the west end of the block for public parking during non-construction hours and on weekends.
Section 2. The Village Council or Village Manager may modify or revoke this approval or these conditions at any time, but in any case this approval and related conditions will be reviewed at the end of October, 2007.
Section 3. The Village Manager is hereby authorized to enter into a Memorandum of Understanding with Denison University for the purpose of implementing this approval and the conditions related thereto.
However, such Memorandum of Understanding shall not be effective until final permit approval has been issued for the renovation and expansion of Cleveland Hall and a letter of consent to the partial street closure have been received from the Granville Fire Department

Passed this 1st day of August, 2007.

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