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Resolution 2012-35



WHEREAS, Raccoon Creek, LLC, an Ohio Limited Liability Company is the owner of approximately 32.036 acres of land located on the east side of Columbus Road and requested annexation into the Village of Granville; and 

WHEREAS, Ohio Revised Code §709.03(D) requires that a municipal corporation shall, by ordinance or resolution, adopt a statement indicating what services, if any, the municipal corporation will provide to the territory sought to be annexed and an approximate date by which it will provide them; and 

WHEREAS, the Council of the Village of Granville finds that the general good of the territory sought to be annexed will be served by its annexation to the Village of Granville and that the territory is not unreasonably large to be annexed; and 

WHEREAS, the Council for the Village of Granville has determined that the property encompassed within the annexation petition can easily become and be made a part of the community of the Village of Granville, and that annexation to the Village at the earliest possible date is in the best interest of the Village. 


Section 1.  The Village of Granville will provide to the territory sought to be annexed all services that are currently available to the remainder of the Village, specifically including the following: 

A. The services of a full-time Village administrative staff including the Village Manager, Executive Assistant, Finance Director, Utility Clerk, Clerk of Court, and Income Tax Commissioner. 

B. The services of a full-time Village Planner who performs technical and professional work related to the development and implementation of land use policies and is responsible for enforcing zoning regulations by issuing zoning permits and certificates of occupancy for new construction, additions, exterior modifications, demolitions, excavations, home occupations, and signs in the Village, and zoning inspections.  

C. The services of a full-time Village Police Department including road and traffic patrol, radar details, house checks, complaint investigations, accident investigations, and incident investigations. 

D. Fire and emergency medical services will not change upon annexation and will continue to be provided through the Granville Fire Department which currently services the territory with fire protection and emergency medical services. 

E. The services of the Village’s Service Department including tree trimming, tree removal, and stump removal within public rights-of-way, brush and leaf pickup, roadway maintenance and repairs, mowing of public rights-of-way, snow plowing, and sign and guardrail maintenance. 

F. In addition, the properties included in the annexation territory will be enhanced due to the following Village amenities: 

1.  Tree and Landscape Commission including designation as Tree City USA.  The Tree & Landscape Commission is charged with reviewing development plans to ensure that they are in accordance with Granville Village Codified Ordinances. The Commission also oversees and directs planting of trees in Village rights-of-way, the annual Arbor Day celebrations, and annual Tree City USA applications. 

2.  Granville Arts Commission is a community based organization dedicated to the enhancement of cultural arts, community character, and interaction for the Village of Granville and all of its residents. The purpose of the Commission is to enrich the Granville community through community based events, activities, and programs by distributing funds allocated to the Commission to those organizations that coordinate those types of activities. 

3.  The following parks and public facilities: 

a. Bryn Du Mansion and Estate, a 52-acre gated estate; Federal-style sandstone mansion, circa 1905 (owned by the Village), 7200 square-foot fieldhouse (owned by the Village), 32-acre event and athletic field (owned by the Village and Township) 

b.  Fanchion Lewis Park on Jones Road (Village owned and maintained) 

c. Wildwood Park on West Broadway (Owned by Village and TJ Evans Foundation and maintained by Granville Recreation District) 

d. Opera House Park on East Broadway at Main Street (Village owned and maintained) 

e. Sugarloaf Park on West Broadway (Village owned and maintained)

4.  Recreation Services (through the Granville Recreation District) 

Section 2. Wastewater collection and treatment/water treatment and distribution. The Village has the capacity and will be able to provide services at such time as lines are extended into the territory. The extension of water and sewer lines may be subject to special assessments or other public financing alternatives for the financing of the construction of the water and sewer mains. The Village’s services are as follows: 

A. The wastewater treatment facility, completed in 1986, has a design flow capacity of 1,224,000 gallons per day. The average flow in 2011 was 512,000 gallons per day (41.75% of capacity.) The plant is classified as an extended aeration activated sludge wastewater treatment facility. 

B. Granville’s water treatment facility, operational since 1969, has a design capacity of 2,000,000 gallons per day. The total production in 2011 was 653,000 gallons per day (32.65% of capacity). The treatment plant produces a high quality, lime softened, chlorinated, and fluoridated drinking water that complies with all present Ohio EPA standards for drinking water supplies.  

Section 3. Except where noted, the services listed above will be provided to the territory immediately upon the effective date of the annexation.  Nothing in this Resolution shall preclude the Village from providing additional services as needed and as available. 

Section 4.  In the event the property is annexed and becomes subject to the Village of Granville zoning and the Village permits uses in the annexed territory that the Village determines are clearly incompatible with the uses permitted under Licking County or Granville Township regulations in effect at the time of the filing of the petition on the land adjacent to the annexed territory remaining in the unincorporated area of Granville Township, then the Village of Granville will require the owner or owners of the annexed territory to provide a buffer separating the use of the annexed territory and the adjacent land remaining within Granville Township. 

Section 5. The Clerk of the Village is hereby directed to forward a certified copy of this Resolution to the Board of County Commissioners of Licking County 

Section 6. This Resolution shall be effective from and after the date of its passage, the earliest period allowed by law. 

PASSED this 18th day of July, 2012.

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