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Resolution No. 2013-60




WHEREAS, the Village of Granville is the sum of many complementary assets including residential, commercial, cultural, historical, educational and recreational; and

WHEREAS, the Granville Golf Course, originally designed by Donald E. Ross and opened in 1925, is a major historical and recreational asset to the community and is one of the iconic locations within the Village of Granville; and 

WHEREAS, while the current PUD zoning imposes some limitations on development, Village Council recognizes that options exist for possible future development of the Golf Course in accordance with Ohio law; and 

WHEREAS, the Granville Township Trustees are custodians of tax supported monies, voted and paid by Village and Township residents known as Open Space funds, that are designated by Ohio law for the acquisition and related development of lands or rights for parks, forests, wetlands and other natural areas; and 

WHEREAS, the Granville Township Trustees are in the process of acquiring a conservation easement, which would restrict the current and future use of that area to a golf course or open space, using Open Space funds; and 

WHEREAS, as opined by the Licking County Prosecutor, certain developed portions of the Golf Course (clubhouse, parking lot, workshop and adjacent property) can not be acquired through the use of Open Space funds as dictated by state statue and are therefore excluded from the Township’s conservation easement; and 

WHEREAS, an opportunity exists for the Village of Granville to acquire a preservation and conservation easement over that part of the Golf Course that is excluded from Township’s conservation easement; and 

WHEREAS, in the event that the Granville Township Trustees do acquire a conservation easement over much of the Golf Course, the Granville Village Council believes that it is in the best interest of the community to join with the Township Trustees in the preservation of the improved portion of the Golf Course including the clubhouse and surrounding area in order that it remain open space, golf course operations or other uses deemed appropriate by Village Council. 

NOW THEREFORE, be It resolved by the Council of the Village of Granville, Ohio that: 

Section I: The Village Council joins with the Granville Township Trustees to preserve the Granville Golf Course as a recreation, open space and historic amenity. 

Section II:  The Village Council directs the Village Manager to negotiate a preservation and conservation easement over that part of the Golf Course, not to exceed fifteen (15) acres, which is excluded from any Open Space conservation easement that is acquired by Granville Township.  Council further directs staff to identify funds to purchase such a preservation and conservation easement from the Golf Course owners. 

Section III: This resolution shall take effect immediately upon passage. 

Passed this 4th day of December, 2013.

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