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Resolution No. 2014-20




WHEREAS, on March 3, 2004, by Resolution No. 04-19, the Village Council created the Granville Arts Commission to be a “community based organization dedicated to the enhancement of cultural arts, community character, and interaction;” and 

WHEREAS, that resolution stipulated that the Granville Arts Commission be comprised of “nine members appointed from the following organizations: Granville Village Council, Granville Township Trustees, Granville Chamber of Commerce, Granville Historical Society, Bryn Du Governing Committee, Granville Recreation Committee, Granville Foundation, two volunteers from the community at-large, and one non-voting representative of Denison University;’” and

WHEREAS, Mark Forman, the Granville Area Chamber of Commerce representative, resigned from the Commission and new member needs to be appointed; and

WHEREAS, the Granville Area Chamber of Commerce has recommended that Jodi Melfi be appointed as the Chamber’s representative to the Granville Arts Commission. 

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Council of Granville, Ohio, that: 

Section 1. Jodi Melif is hereby appointed as the representative from the Granville Area Chamber of Commerce to the Granville Arts Commission. 

Section 2. BE IT FURTHER NOTED that membership of the Granville Arts Commission shall be as follows:


Granville Village Council                                   Lois Foreman Wernet 

Granville Township Trustee                             Mickey Smith 

Granville Area Chamber of Commerce             Jodi Melfi

Granville Historical Society                               Marilyn Sundin 

Bryn Du Commission                                        Jurgen Pape 

Granville Recreation District                             Neal Zimmers

Granville Foundation                                        Meg Ginther 

Community-at-large (2)                                   Maggie Sobataka        Kyle Morgan 

Denison Representatives (total of one-vote)   Tom Carroll                 Ron Abram 


Section 3. This resolution shall take effect and be in full force immediately upon passage.

 Passed this 16th day of April, 2014.

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