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Resolution No. 2015-36




WHEREAS, Granville Township is the government entity that is statutorily responsible for fire suppression and rescue service within Granville Township (including the Village of Granville) and, on a contractual basis, McKean Township and the northern portion of Union Township, and 

WHEREAS, the Township fire facility is located at 133 North Prospect Street, within the Village of Granville, on property owned by the Village of Granville, and

WHEREAS, the Village, for a number of years, has leased the 133 North Prospect Street property to the Township for one dollar per year and other valuable considerations, the most recent five-year lease dated December 7, 2011, and

Whereas, the Township has determined it is in the community's best interest to evaluate the capacity of the current facility to serve the future fire suppression needs of the service area in light of the growing population and growing dependence upon fire and rescue services, and

Whereas, should it be determined, from the aforementioned evaluation process, that the most feasible location for the Township fire facility is its present location at 133 North Prospect Street, Village Council recognizes that future improvements to the site could require a significant investment of funds by the Township and that, accordingly, a resolution regarding the long-term availability of the site for that purpose may be helpful to the evaluation process; and 

Whereas,  Resolution No. 2015-36 expresses Village Council’s support of a potential long-term lease with the Township for the 133 North Prospect Street and should not be construed as a preference of  this site over other sites that may be considered now or in the future by the Granville Township Trustees, and 

Whereas, all parties recognize that the fire facility, within the central business district, is an asset, but the effects of any changes to the current site to answer future fire and rescue service needs, will require much effort to correctly design a new facility that respects adjacent property interests, promotes good traffic flow, provides for desired emergency response times and allow for input from the Village staff, Village planning agencies and Village Council. 

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Council of the Village of Granville, Ohio that: 

Section I:         Village Council affirms, in principal, its support of a potential long-term lease for 133 North Prospect Street for Granville Township Fire Department purposes, with the understanding that the many ancillary zoning, traffic, etc. issues triggered by an enhanced fire facility will be reviewed by appropriate parties as the evaluation process continues. 

Section II:        This resolution shall take effect immediately upon passage. 

Passed this 3rd day of June, 2015.

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