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An Early Center of Education

Education has been of great importance to the Granville community from the time of its very establishment. Just three weeks after reaching Granville in the fall of 1805, the original pioneer settlers decided to build a log cabin where eighty children would attend school. By 1820, public school classes were being held in a three-story brick building.

Educational institutions soon became an essential component of the young community. By the Civil War, less than 60 years after the establishment of Granville, its citizens had organized: (1) the Granville Literary and Theological Institution, later called Granville College and then renamed as Denison University; (2) the Granville Female Seminary; (3) the Granville Episcopal Female Seminary; (4) the Young Ladies' Institute; (5) the Granville Female Academy; and (6) the Granville Male Academy.

As Granville enters its third century, "excellence in education" continues to be a dominant foundation of the community.

(Source: Ohio Historical Marker #25-45, "An Early Center of Education")

Granville Exempted Village Schools

Granville Exempted The Granville Exempted Village School District, which serves 2500 students in four schools, is one of Ohio's best public school districts. The schools earned an "Excellent with Distinction" rating on the most recent Local Report Card, which is the highest classification awarded by the Ohio Department of Education. For the tenth consecutive year, the Granville district exceeded every state indicator. (A state indicator is a goal established by the State of Ohio for the percentage of students at or above the proficient level on the fourth-, sixth-, and ninth-grade tests; as well as a goal for attendance rates and graduation rates.) Granville is one of only four school districts in the State of Ohio that have met 100 percent of the indicators for every year since 1998.

Granville Middle School has also been recognized by the U.S. Department of Education as a National Blue Ribbon School.

The contact information for the Granville schools is listed below:

Granville Elementary School 310 North Granger Street (740) 587-8102 Map
Granville Intermediate School 2025 Burg Street (740) 587-8103 Map
Granville Middle School 210 New Burg Street (740) 587-8104 Map
Granville High School 248 New Burg Street (740) 587-8105 Map
Granville Schools - Administration 130 North Granger Street (740) 587-8101 Map

Denison University

For more than 175 years, Denison University has been a wonderful asset to the Granville community. Founded in 1831, it was one of the earliest colleges to be established in the old "Northwest Territory", west of the Allegheny Mountains and north of the Ohio River.

Today, Denison is one of the nation's premiere liberal arts colleges. A non-sectarian institution independent of any denominational affiliation since the 1960s, Denison actively seeks outstanding students from across the country and around the world. Denison offers a rich and deep education in the natural sciences, humanities, social sciences, and fine arts; and extraordinary campus leadership opportunities aimed at preparing graduates who will make a difference in their communities, their country, and the world.

Innovative faculty and motivated students collaborate in the pursuit of knowledge and the cultivation of independent thinking. And because Denison is a residential institution, students are deeply engaged as citizens of the campus community. They learn from one another in a rigorous academic setting, but also in rich social, cultural, and political environments.

The contact information for Denison University is listed below:

Denison University 100 West Collage Street (740) 587-0810 Map
William H. Doane Library  (Denison) 100 South Road (740) 587-6235 Map

The following are other schools, libraries, and child care facilities in the Granville area:

Education and Child Care

Granville Child Care Center 1062 River Road (740) 587-3076 Map
Granville Christian Academy 1820 Newark-Granville Road (740) 587-4423 Map
Granville Parent Cooperative Preschool 115 West Broadway (740) 587-0497 Map
Little Village Academy 1116 River Road (740) 587-2007 Map
Love and Learning Child Care Center 1805 Columbus Road (740) 587-1387 Map
St. Edward's Preschool 785 Newark-Granville Road (740) 587-3275 Map
Sonshine Preshool 1820 Newark-Granville Road (740) 587-2111 Map
Welsh Hills School 2610 Newark-Granville Road (740) 522-2020 Map


Granville Public Library 217 East Broadway (740) 587-0196 Map
Licking County Library 101 West Main Street (740) 349-5500 Map

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