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T & L Minutes August 11, 2009

Granville Tree and Landscape Commission


Meeting of August 11, 2009

Present:  Don Hostetter, Lynne Kishler, Don Pheneger, Linda Reynolds

Guests:  Connie Barsky, Tom McCray, Darren Willey


Minutes of the June meeting were distributed and approved.


Don Hostetter brought in dead gypsy moths and their egg sacks for us to see. There is an infestation in several trees at the Newark Earthworks park.  Trees can survive two to three years of defoliation from gypsy moths before dying.


Don and Jim Siegel discussed Opera House Park.  A cherry tree stump is re-growing – Tom knows how to treat it so this won’t happen.  Some of us have been pitching in to help with weeding and trimming.  After the meeting we toured the park and agreed to return in a couple days to work on it together.  Overall, the park looks good and Linda’s plantings around the bell are doing well.  Don H. has worked  in the area in front of Reader’s Garden at their request. 


Old Business: 

Fall tree planting – There are about two dozen planting sites.  We should be ready to request bids soon.  Some trees can go in at the Bryn Du mansion. There are not too many tree lawn sites currently. It is difficult to plant where very large trees have recently been removed.  It was noted that some maple species are not doing well.  Frits Rizor and Mike Flood may help pick this fall’s plantings.


New Business:

The Fall Urban Forestry Conference will be September 17th at the Franklin Park Conservatory.  Don H., Don P., Lynne, and Regis will be attending. 


We discussed our upcoming hosting of Tree City USA in 2011.  Tom suggested we look at what is done in other regions in Ohio at their conferences for comparison.  Lynne pointed out we will need to think of a possible afternoon tour and gifts or door prizes for attendees.


Don H. is keeping up with citizen requests.


Reports:  Connie advised that Council continues to work on the Comprehensive Plan with regard to the location of green space, entranceways to the village, and a manageable plan for the River Road annexation which may include the relocation of roads.


Darren reported that tree trimming is being done for clearance on Cherry, Elm, Pearl, and North Prospect (Bradford pears.)  The height of the trimming needs to be at least fourteen feet.  Three trees along South Prospect by the post office are dying. There are no power lines on that side of the street.


Tom met with Terry Hopkins about closing East Elm to East Maple on South Pearl to remove a dead maple and set a new pole.   Starting Monday crews will be working on New Burg St. and then start moving toward the village.  Residents will receive phone messages about outages during the work.  Tom had AEP brochures entitled “Understanding Line Clearing Efforts” and handouts about clearing for the power line right-of-way for us. 



The next meeting will be September 8, 2009 at 7 p.m.

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