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T & L Minutes June 9, 2009

Granville Tree and Landscape Commission


Meeting of June 9, 2009

Present: Don Hostetter, Lynne Kishler, Don Pheneger, Linda Reynolds

Guests:  Connie Barsky


The minutes of the May meeting were distributed and approved.


Linda was complimented on her planning and planting of the flower beds at the Broadway islands, Opera House Park, and the village office.


The scheduled tree fertilization of 29 public trees was completed by Davey Tree Co. at a cost of $1755.  Don and Don had measured all tree calipers prior to the treatment. 


Signs educating the public about the Emerald Ash Borer were posted by Don and Don for the week of May 17-24.  These were placed uptown and at the Lazy R Campground.  According to Lisa Bowers, currently there is no law restricting wood traveling into state parks.  The EAB has been found as far south as mid-Kentucky.


Plans will begin in August for the fall tree planting.  Already there have been some requests from the public.  Jim Siegel will assist with the site selection.


The ailing boxwoods in front of the village office were replaced by Frits Rizor (Village Flower Basket) at a cost of $24 apiece plus $3 each for composting and fertilizing.  They are all now uniform in size and health and look great.  We will take turns watering in the absence of sufficient rainfall.


Linda believes it is unwise to continue putting money and effort into the end-caps of the Broadway island beds as the deer are eating the yews and the day lily buds and the mums have gotten too big and bloom too late.  She and Kevin Reiner will design a new solution which will be forwarded through Don H. and Connie to council.


Linda Neuenschwander has asked about the trees behind the entrance wall to Bryn Du – who is responsible?  We believe the trees belong to the association. Don H. will ask Allison Terry for clarification.


The question was raised about the landscaping done at the new Enjoy Co., formerly the Goodyear Tire Center at Broadway and East College.  Don H. will look into this.


Jurgen Pape has completed his pruning of 170 trees at $5 per tree for a total of $850.


Concerning the memorial tree program, Don H. would like to see an article in the Sentinel.  He will call Louise Denny concerning the history of the group.


There is a lot of poison ivy in Opera House Park – will the service dept. handle this?


There will be no meeting in July.

The next meeting will be August 11th at 7 p.m.

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