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T & L Minutes August 10, 2010

Granville Tree and Landscape Commission

August 10, 2010

Present:  Regis Birckbichler, Don Hostetter, Lynne Kishler, Don Pheneger,

Guests:  Jim Siegel, Skip Wille, Darren Willey, Merrin Jeffries (GHS student)

Minutes of the July meeting were approved.

Skip introduced Merrin Jeffries, the student spokesperson for the GMAT ( Gypsy Moth Action Team).  She distributed copies of the rough draft analysis and maps of the study.  The students found at the two-week check that all the traps were full of Gypsy Moths.  Despite the numbers of moths found everywhere, there were no large infestations noted in any of the areas. The students may go ahead and make barrels to serve as future traps.  The students will now begin looking for the egg masses, which are cinnamon-colored. There is a Gypsy Moth site within the ODNR website.  Some counties, including Hocking and Northern Franklin County have begun using pheromone to interrupt the mating process instead of using insecticides.

The three fire blight infested pear trees in front of the Kaiser residence on Newark-Granville Road have been removed and the stumps ground by the Services Dept.  Several infested pears were found by Fackler’s.  Lynne has one as well in front of her house on West Elm. 

An ornamental crabapple tree planted last fall at 211 Sunrise St. has died.  It was found to be in excellent condition in the spring, but the base of the tree has been disturbed with landscaping.  It is unknown if a chemical has been applied.  This is not the fault of Klauder nursery; it is believed the homeowners inadvertently caused the problem.  Klauder has offered to replace it at cost this fall with specific instructions given to the residents. 

Don H. asked John Klauder about the possibility of a soil test in the area of the dead tree in front of the car wash on South Main St. to check for lingering chemicals that would make the site unusable.  John advised against having this done.  Communication may take place with the owners of the car wash and the Granville Mill concerning their desires, and the tree will probably not be replaced there.

There was discussion concerning the T & L budget for 2010 with respect to fall tree planting.  For next year, we will request a one-time stipend from the village to cover expenses for hosting the Tree City USA meeting in April 2011.  The proposed registration fee of $20 probably will not cover more than the catered lunch, so we will need additional funds for rental equipment (tables, chairs, etc.)  Don will prepare a formal proposal.  We have started meeting weekly, outside of our regular monthly meetings, solely for the event.

There was a report of a possible EAB infestation from a property owner in Bryn Du in an ash tree across from Alligator Mound on the 16th fairway of the golf course.  Don H., Don P., and Regis met with the concerned resident and found no evidence of EAB. 


Darren reported on the continuing progress of the work on College Street, along with planned trimming and preparation of tree sites for the fall planting.  A resident at 230 South Mulberry requested trimming of dead branches off their roof.  Other dead trees noted were in the second Broadway island (a memorial tree) and at Wildwood playground to the left of the castle.

The next meeting will be September 21 at 7 p.m.

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