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T & L Minutes December 14, 2010

Granville Tree and Landscape Commission

Meeting of December 14, 2010

Present: Regis Birckbichler, Don Hostetter, Lynne Kishler, Don Pheneger, Linda Reynolds

Guests: Jim Siegel, Darren Willey, John Smith

The minutes of the November meeting were approved.

Old Business –

Klauder has completed most of the fall planting, with the exception of the paperbark maples in the Village Green, which will be put in as soon as they are available. 

The Granville Garden Club formally proposed at their November meeting that we assume the responsibility of the memorial tree program, and we have accepted.

A generous gift of twenty-five thousand dollars has been allocated for the beautification of Opera House Park from the Hubert and Oese Robinson estate.  We will be formulating a plan soon for the needed repairs, renovation, and replacement of shrubs with this donation.  Michelle brought our desired project to the attention of Village Council and those in charge of distributing the assets of the estate and Lifestyle Museum.    There was an article in the Sentinel explaining how the funds will be used.

Our Tree City USA and Growth Award applications were submitted electronically for the first time by Don Hostetter and Mollie Prasher, after several hours of work on the computer!   Our Growth Award points came from the Gypsy Moth Action Team with Granville High School students, our coordination with the newly-formed Denison University commission on their Tree Campus USA designation, and the addition of the memorial tree program. Don thanked everyone who contributed to the process.  Our computed total forestry expenditure for 2010 was $87,450.

Tree City USA planning will resume in January.  Jim Siegel has been putting together a guest list.  Lynne received an email back from Lisa Bowers with answers to our questions.   John Smith was asked if AEP would like to have a display booth. 

Don reported that Linda Neuenschwander got back to him concerning the large evergreen tree in Bryn Du.  The members of the homeowners association were appreciative of our interest and discussion, and upon further evaluation of the situation, have decided to leave the tree as it is.

New Business –

What do we want to improve in 2011?  Suggestions included offering more support to Linda with the many hours of planting, weeding, and winterizing the Broadway beds/village office/Opera House Park plantings.  Our fall planting tree sites should be decided upon earlier next year (this year’s later start was due to our planning for Tree City USA.)  Don H. would like to again propose the idea of a full time/part time position.  One of the responsibilities would be to update data into our 2008 tree survey, keeping it current and also accessible for planning purposes. 

Continued concern for the health of the uptown trees is also a goal for 2011.  How can the tree pits be improved?  How can we protect the trees from the foot traffic?  Both Lisa Bowers and Ann Bonner have looked at the trees in the Broadway business blocks.  What are other communities doing with their tree pits?  What species are thriving in other downtown areas?

John reported that AEP currently has no work scheduled for the village.  AEP is willing to again donate trees for the Arbor Day tree planting ceremony at the intermediate school.

Darren reported that there is one more round of leaf pick-up.  The service department was busy earlier this month preparing for the Christmas Walking Tour and with the downtown decorations.

The next meeting will be January 11 at 7:00 p.m.

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