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T & L Minutes March 9, 2010

Granville Tree and Landscape Commission

Meeting of March 9, 2010

Present:  Regis Birckbichler, Don Hostetter, Lynne Kishler, Don Pheneger, Linda Reynolds

Guests:  Marilyn Andrew, Art Chonko, Jeremy King, Michelle Lerner, Tom McCray, Jim Siegel, Darren Willey

The minutes of the January meeting were reviewed and accepted.  Don Hostetter introduced members   of the commission to the guests present. 

Don H. advised that construction at St. Luke’s church is on target with a completion date in September.  There has been no damage to Opera House Park from the project.

Art Chonko, Denison University, explained the landscape plans for the addition/renovation to Mitchell Center.  The biology department helped choose species that would be beneficial to the student body as well as using native species and returning the area to its current state.  There will be a bio-retention area.  The landscape plans drawn up by EMH&T call for 74 medium to large trees.  They are fairly “dense” with shrubs, and Art advised that the density may be reduced some.  Regis made a motion, and Don Pheneger seconded it, that we send our approval back to the Planning Commission.  The motion carried.  Art gave a tentative starting date as possibly this summer with the moving of roads and removing of some trees.  Don H. noted that there was an attempt made in the plans to save current trees when possible.

Jim Siegel introduced Jeremy King, the new Sustainability Coordinator at Denison.  Jim serves on the new tree committee at Denison, which also includes two biology professors, the grounds supervisor, two students, and Granville residents.   One goal is to make Denison qualify as a Tree Campus USA, the standards of which are similar to the Tree City standards.  Jeremy is looking forward to coordinating projects, sharing information, etc. with our commission.  There will be a tree planting to celebrate Arbor Day.  Denison has a dedicated budget for trees and Tom mentioned there are state grants available they could pursue.   Darren noted that DU students have helped with planting and work at Fanchion Lewis Park.  One thing they would like to do is involve Denison students with the poster contest at the intermediate school.   Jeremy invited us to attend any of their tree committee meetings.

Citizens comments – Marilyn Andrew of 217 West Elm Street has concerns over the recent tree trimming in front of their home done by Asplundh.  She feels it is definitely more extensive than the trimming done four years ago.  The Andrews planted the maple trees themselves many years ago in the tree lawn.  Now, given their trimmed appearance, The Andrews feel they should be removed.  Tom explained that the trimming done was probably crown reduction.  She also had a question about roots pushing up sidewalks and Darren said the village replaces/fixes sidewalk sections with problems caused by tree lawn trees.

Don H. welcomed Michelle Lerner who is the new village council liaison to our commission.  She was approached by a resident on Newark-Granville Rd. who wanted to know if they could remove the burlap wrap around their street trees.  Darren said that it could be removed now – the street department will be replacing it with new Eradicoat-soaked burlap this spring.

Tom reported that AEP has been working with Denison on some of their white pine trees.  Darren reported that the maple trees on Prospect Street by the post office will be removed.  The tree lawn is narrow there and they have been subject to the problems (such as soil compaction, maple decline) of other trees uptown.

Linda distributed copies of Kevin Reiner’s plan for the island beds on West Broadway.  Because of the labor intensive nature of the proposed ground cover (alliums and stachys  “lamb’s ears”), Linda proposed planting a variety of coral bells with a lime green colored leaf.  They would work well with the daffodils already there, would be tolerant of varying amounts of sun and shade, and would be no maintenance.  The commission agreed with her.


The next meeting will be April 13th at 7 p.m.

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