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T & L Minutes May 11, 2010

Granville Tree and Landscape Commission

Meeting of May 11, 2010

Members present:  Regis Birckbichler, Don Hostetter, Lynne Kishler, Don Pheneger, Linda Reynolds

Guests: Michelle Lerner, Skip Willey

The minutes of the April meeting were distributed and approved. 

The pear trees on North Prospect St., south of the fire station, will be removed.  The village needed to trim the branches against the buildings, and AEP then trimmed the branches on the road side, and there is little shape left.  The ash trees in front of the Del Mar restaurant, on the opposite side of the street, will be removed because of problems with the sidewalk and drainage.  It was suggested these could be replaced with Gingkoes.  The maple trees on South Prospect St. by the side of the post office that were removed earlier could possibly be replaced with tulip poplars.

Skip Wille was introduced.  He is retired from the US Department of Agriculture where he worked with invasive species programs.  He has done gypsy moth surveys in other areas using traps and proposed doing a survey here to help in predicting an outbreak.  Each trap has a one and a half mile range and is placed approximately four feet up from the base of the tree.  Ideal placement date would be July through early to mid August.  Much discussion followed on this topic. We suggested he contact Jim Reding (GHS), Jeremy King, and Tom Schultz (DU) for additional support with the project, which could coordinate with an article in the Sentinel.  Skip provided each of us with a gypsy moth trap, and instructed us to set them with the open ends facing NE and SW.

Don Hostetter has confirmed the date for Tree City USA 2011 with Bryn Du.  Lisa Bowers will do a facilities walk-through with us.  Ann Bonner will be coming Thursday, May 20th to meet with us and examine the issues with the trees at the Colony.

Opera House Park – Work on St. Luke’s church is progressing on schedule with no damage to the landscaping.   Albyn’s will take care of trimming up the bushes and some clean-up.  Frits Rizor will be contacted concerning a re-do of the park’s plants and shrubs in the late summer/fall.

Lynne shared pictures (taken by Regis) of the Arbor Day tree planting ceremony at the intermediate school.  Three ivory silk Japanese tree lilacs and one Ft. McNair horse chestnut  were selected and sites were prepared by Mike Flood.  Five students were honored as winners – Zelli Markgraf,  Kate Duncan, Maggie Michael, Hope Cecrle, and Mathieu Holt received Whit’s gift certificates and t-shirts, and pictures ran in the Sentinel the following week.  Don H. complimented Lynne on a successful event.

There appears to be some brown foliage on the new boxwoods in front of the village office – could be salt damage from salt applied to the steps.

Ruth Davis has purchased a small flowering memorial tree and desires to have it near the Presbyterian church.  We need to choose a site or designate one on North Main St.

Don H. notified us of an upcoming Michigan State webinar on Thursday, May 11th at 7 p.m. on the monoculture effect.

Reports – Michelle reported that the village will not be applying for an ODOT grant for a pathway on Burg Street because the required sidewalk width is ten feet and would result in 69 trees having to be removed.  They will be looking into options for a narrower pathway.

The next meeting will be June 8th at 7:00 p.m.

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