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T & L Minutes November 9, 2010

Granville Tree and Landscape Commission

Meeting of November 9, 2010

Members present:  Regis Birckbichler, Don Hostetter, Lynne Kishler, Don Pheneger, Linda Reynolds

Guests: Michelle Lerner, Linda Neuenschwander, Jim Siegel, Darren Willey, Rose Wingert

Minutes of the October meeting were read and corrected, then accepted.

Don Hostetter went before Village Council and presented our 2011 budget plus the additional $2000 for hosting Tree City USA in April.

The three tree bids we received for the fall planting were within $700 for the thirty-three trees.  The lowest was Klauder at $8,495.  Klauder will be planting late November to early December.  Don H., Jim, and Don P. placed the stakes and Lynne prepared the doorhangers and letters to property owners.

Don H. gave a report on the Fall Urban Forestry Conference in Lancaster.  In preparation for the Tree City USA, we looked closely at the mechanics of the conference, esp. audio visual challenges.  We will meet this Friday morning to review our preparations to date.

The Tree City USA application will be done electronically.  Don, Don, Lynne, and Regis attended a webinar tutorial as this is the first year communities will submit in this manner.

Opera House Park –The work was completed at St. Luke’s very carefully and there appears to be no damage to the park from the construction.  The original plantings are from 1982. Now it is time to update the rear seating areas and shrubbery.   A plan will be developed with Frits Rizor, and the work can be done in segments as financially possible.   It was noted that the sandstone base under the fence continues to crumble with time, and Linda has noticed that the base of the bell is cracked. 

Rose Wingert officially reported that the Granville Garden Club wishes to pass over to the Tree and Landscape Commission the Memorial Tree Program, which was started in 1988 by Jane McConnell.  A new program will be initiated, to which the Garden Club will donate the records and the funds, which are $1700.   We will accept the responsibility, and any legal documentation of this will be handled by the Village Law Director.  Susan Davis will be contacted about the pending memorial tree to be in the vicinity of the Presbyterian Church.

Linda Neuenschwander of the Bryn Du Association spoke of the concern residents have for visibility at the corner of Bryn Du Drive and Glyn Tawel because of a large evergreen tree which is in a line of trees and lies between the sidewalk and the street.  There are twelve children who live in the nearby houses and play and ride bikes, etc. in that space.   Residents fear that, especially when there are cars parked along the curb, the tree could block the vision for those making a right turn onto Glyn Tawel.  Commission members have previously surveyed the corner and the healthy evergreen and good discussion followed as to various possibilities.  Regis noted that traffic issues such as these are under police responsibility, and it was also noted that this could be considered under the Streets and Sidewalks committee.  Proposed ideas included moving the tree (which would be difficult, given its mature size), using it as a Christmas tree, or simply trimming it up a few feet from the ground.  Linda will discuss the possibilities with the homeowners’ association.   

Darren reported that leaf pick-up is underway, and tree trimming and removal will continue in the winter months.  The crews will also be setting up the structural needs for the Walking Tour on December 4th.

Jim Siegel announced that Denison University has submitted their Tree Campus USA application, and Lisa Bowers has approved it.


The next meeting will be December 14th.

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