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T & L Minutes October 12, 2010

Granville Tree and Landscape Commission

Meeting of October 12, 2010

Present: Regis Birckbichler, Don Hostetter, Lynne Kishler, Don Pheneger

Guests:  Michelle Lerner, Jim Siegel

The minutes of the September meeting were approved.

An article about the GMAT (Gypsy Moth Action Team) and the students involved in the survey ran in both the Granville Sentinel and in the Newark Advocate. 

There are currently 27 trees on the fall planting schedule, with a few more possible.  Don H., Regis, Don P., Lynne, and Jim made driving tours on two days to assess the sites. Don H. will be checking with Terry Hopkins before preparing the final list, which will include native trees and a diversity of species. 

Don H. reported that Terry feels an aggressive plan is needed for the downtown Broadway tree pits.  Changes might include new soil, possibly an irrigation system, and metal grates or pavers.  Three years of professional treatment/feeding have not fixed the problem of declining tree health.  Maple Decline, soil compaction, climate change, air pollution from increased truck traffic, and damage to the roots are all possibly to blame for the failure of the trees to thrive.

Linda has cleaned out the Broadway beds and readied them for winter.  Kudos to her for the beautiful plantings this year!

Memorial Tree Program – Rose Wingert wishes to step down from her position and no one  from the Garden Club is taking her place.  She is going to recommend to the club at their upcoming  meeting that the program be turned over to the Tree and Landscape Commission.  It was noted that when Rose took over the job, she completed a careful, detailed survey and updated the list of all the memorial trees.

The Fall Urban Forestry Conference will be October 28th in Lancaster. 

Michelle was asked to inquire about the abundance of fall web worms this year.  Will a totally defoliated tree come back and do well next year?  Don H. stated that in most cases trees will recover from one defoliation.  Exceptions would likely be small fruit trees. 

The next meeting will be November 9th at 7:00 p.m.

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