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T & L Minutes April 12, 2011

Granville Tree and Landscape Commission

Meeting of April  12, 2011

Present:  Regis Birckbichler, Don Hostetter, Lynne Kishler, Don Pheneger

Guests: Jeremy King, Michelle Lerner, Jim Siegel, John Smith (AEP)

The minutes of the March meeting were approved.

Opera House Park – Among the first items to address are the erosion of the sandstone under the fencing and a wide crack in the base holding the bell.  Don Hostetter has learned that we have a six-inch thick slice of the large elm that was in front of the Opera House before the fire in 1982.  He discussed with Ann Bonner how this could be used educationally, perhaps through the Granville Historical Society. 

Don H. shared pictures he received from Harold Greten.  They show Newark –Granville Rd. lined with large trees and early work (1980s)being done at Opera House Park. 

Members have been appointed to the village tree trimming committee and will serve until 2013.  Don H. will attend the meetings and stated that this position could be shared among commission members.

Terry Hopkins, Don Hostetter, and Michelle Lerner looked at five trees that are slated for removal – an ash on Cherry St., two sugar maples on East College St., another maple at East College and Granger Sts., and one on Summit St. 

Tree City USA – Lisa Bowers will be here Friday morning when we meet for the final preparations.  Times for the delivery of chairs from Kiwanis and items from Main Event will need to be confirmed, along with details for breakfast.  We now have the final list of attendees.

Arbor Day Tree Planting Ceremony – Don H. spoke with Mike Flood who will choose the species and arrange for the trees to be planted at the intermediate school.  John Smith will contact Mike concerning the donation amount.  The event is set for one o’clock on Friday the 29th and the teachers have chosen the theme “Trees are Terrific . . . in All Shapes and Sizes!”  Lynne discovered that the Arbor Day Foundation is no longer sponsoring the poster contest on a national level.

Jim Siegel reported on Denison University’s tree program.  They will be starting an arboretum and hope to identify 40-50 species. Mike Eckert will be making plastic plaques to identify the species and donor. These will be on posts in the ground.  Their Arbor Day tree planting will take place at 4:30 pm at the Spring Valley Nature Preserve. 

Commission members studied and approved the landscape plan prepared by John Klauder for 1919 Lancaster Rd. 

The next meeting will be May 10 at 7:00 pm.

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