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T & L Minutes July 12, 2011

Granville Tree and Landscape Commission

Meeting of July 12, 2011

Members present:  Regis Birckbichler, Don Hostetter, Lynne Kishler, Don Pheneger,  Linda Reynolds

Guests:  Jeremy King, Michelle Lerner, Jim Siegel, John Smith, Darren Willey

The minutes of the June meeting were read and approved.

Opera House Park – We decided to meet Monday, July 18th at 10:00 am with John Klauder to look at his plans for the park.  The bell has been stabilized.  Don H. complimented Linda on the flowers in the park. Albyn’s has completed the trimming around the village office building.  Jim Siegel mentioned that the  trimming/weeding work at the base of Mt. Parnassus needs to be extended further uphill.

The Village of Granville Tree Trimming Committee had its first meeting with nine of the twelve members present.    The two township trustees wish to participate as observers.   American Electric Power representatives on the committee are John Smith and Ron Winrod.  Members are forming their goals and personal involvement/contributions to the group.  Their next meeting is July 19th.

Trees - Fire blight has been found again this year on pear trees at the offices on the north side of Newark-Granville Rd.  There is a memorial cherry tree in the Colony open space that is infested with black knot.  The tulip trees on Derwyn Dell Way being watched seem to be fine now, and the large sycamore on Newark-Granville Rd. has finally fully “leafed out.” 

Denison Tree Commission – Jeremy King reported there was a lot of interest in the campus tree program expressed by Denison alums attending the reunion weekend.  Sixty-five went on a tree walk; many showed interest in donating.   Davey is coming in October, and Denison has started inventory work of their own, noting type, height, diameter at breast height, condition, and then recording it with a photo.  They are looking into a Smartphone application.  For tree markers, they are working with Mike Willis on Westgate Drive and also with Dawes. 

Don Hostetter has been in conversation with Marilyn Ortt of the Marietta Tree Commission.  Marietta has a very nice arboretum with specimen trees in a small park.  Don noticed the metal plaques for the trees have the Tree City insignia.  Are those available from the Arbor Day Foundation?

Michelle Lerner reported that the new village manager will begin officially on July 25th.

John Smith advised that AEP is assisting the village with the removal of a tree on East Elm.  The PUCO feels recent trimming has resulted in fewer power outages this year, along with speeding up repairs.

Regis complimented Jim on being the Grand Marshal of the July 4th parade.

The next meeting will be August 9th at 7:00 pm.

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