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T & L Minutes June 14, 2011

Granville Tree and Landscape Commission

Meeting of June 14, 2011

Present:  Regis Birckbichler, Don Hostetter, Lynne Kishler, Don Pheneger, Linda Reynolds

Guests:  Michelle Lerner

Minutes of the May meeting were approved. 

Carie Kraner, finance director, has settled up the last of the bills for the Tree City USA event.

 Opera House Park – Don Hostetter has turned in the purchase order for the stabilization of the bell, new braces to anchor it to the base.  The work will be completed before the Fourth of July street fair by Law General Contracting Co., and will cost @ $800.  Don was able to provide John Klauder with the original blue prints for the park.  We should be receiving a plan from him in the next few weeks.

Tree removal – Two trees have been removed on East College and two more will be removed on East Elm beside the funeral home, along with one on North Granger.  The large ash on the NW corner of West Maple and Cherry will be trimmed for now.  Dogtooth fungus is present on a Hackberry tree on the north side of Newark-Granville Road along the bike/foot path, indicating that the tree is declining internally. 

Paul Feldman, interim village manager, has asked Don H. to convene the first meeting of the tree trimming committee on June 21st.  Michelle explained she feels educating the community on why trimming needs to be done is an important component.  Another desired outcome is laying groundwork for non-confrontational trimming in the future.

There has been a report of Spider Mite in Norway Spruce trees on Linnell Dr.  The homeowner has been treating it by spraying it with water; Don H. suggested adding dish detergent.   Dieback has occurred on one side of the spruces.  More cases of fire blight have been noticed on pear trees in the village as well. 

The large sycamore tree on Newark-Granville Rd. at Kildare St. has been slow to leaf out.  Jim Siegel feels the wet spring weather likely caused this.  We will continue to watch this.

Linda has planted the flowers around the bell in Opera House Park and in front of the village office in a white and silver color scheme.  She removed two dead boxwoods beside the steps into the office. Exposure to salt over the winter was probably too hard on them.  Mike Flood and Albyn’s will prune at the village office.

The next meeting will be July 12th at 7 pm.

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