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T & L Minutes March 8, 2011

Tree and Landscape Commission

Meeting of March 8, 2011

Present: Regis Birckbichler, Don Hostetter, Lynne Kishler, Don Pheneger

Guests: Jeremy King, Michelle Lerner, Jim Siegel

Old Business:

Tree City USA event – Our Friday morning planning meetings have continued and we feel we are on schedule time-wise.  Updates tonight include that an 8’ x 8’ screen is available from Main Event which will stand on a 54-inch square table.  We have yet to finalize a list of vendors and decide on table flowers.  We are pleased that all the speakers are still available.  Mollie Prasher will print the nametags along with the programs.  We have seen a rough copy of the programs and they look very nice.  The invitations and agendas Mollie prepared were stuffed into envelopes for mailing before tonight’s meeting. 

Memorial Tree Program -Rose Wingert has delivered additional records from the Garden Club.  Jeremy informed us that Denison has about forty memorial trees, twenty of which are marked.  The program will develop as they work towards an arboretum.

Opera House Park –Mike Flood should be consulted about the landscaping.  The base of the bell is cracked and will have to be rebuilt.  Jim mentioned that the fence work shouldn’t be finished until the plantings are removed. It was decided that we should prioritize as follows:

1.)    What needs to be done

2.)    What can be done by village personnel

3.)    What needs to be contracted out

The deadline to apply to the village to be on the new committee on tree trimming has been extended.


Jeremy King reported on the most recent meeting of the Denison tree committee.  Photographs were taken of nineteen future planting sites and suggestions on species were made.  They hope to again involve DU students in the process on Arbor Day and repeat the plantings with second graders at Spring Valley Park as they did last year.  They have hired a student to work with their Davey survey and mapping over the summer. 

The next meeting will be April 12th at 7:00 pm.

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