Granville Community Calendar

T & L Minutes December 11, 2012

Granville Tree and Landscape Commission

Meeting of December 11, 2012

Present:  Don Hostetter, Lynne Kishler, Dick Mortensen, Don Pheneger, Linda Reynolds

Guests:  Regis Birckbichler, Michelle Lerner, Jim Siegel


The minutes of the November meeting were approved. 

Old Business:

The survey of trees planted in the fall of 2011 showed three trees need to be replaced.  Fall planting 2012 will be next week.  Mike Flood (Albyn’s) has asked if we can move the proposed trees (eighteen serviceberry and tree lilacs) along Newark-Granville Rd. back some from the ditch.  Mike, Don Hostetter, and Terry Hopkins will re-measure the right-of-way to determine if that is possible.  Don H. contacted the Jehovah’s Witness church across the road, and they would like trees next fall.

We received a request for a tree from Mr. and Mrs. Michael Caravana of 209 East Elm St.  A tree was removed from the tree lawn two years ago; the stump currently remains.  There are power lines over head.  Don H. will check with Terry Hopkins to see if problems exist with the site and if it is possible to plant yet this year.

Opera House Park – There has been no trenching or excavation work done yet on the drainage situation from St. Luke’s.  Michelle Lerner noted that Bird and Bull are still the village engineers and plans for drain pipe work completed at Opera House Park in the 1980s should be available through their office.  She likes the idea of using run-off from St. Luke’s roof to water the park, and mentioned that Dawes Arboretum has a rain barrel program.

With leaf pick-up complete, the services department has been working on tree removals.  Most of the major work from the June storm is done, and they are working on other necessary removals now.

New Business:

The large 16-17-foot Christmas tree in Opera House Park was delivered, set up, and looks great, however was more expensive than last year’s tree.  Village Manager Steve Stilwell suggested the commission order a tree next year from the same supplier as is used for the smaller trees along Broadway and South Main St. as we may get a better price by being included on that bulk order. The tree for Opera House Park is paid for from the park budget.

The Tree City USA and Growth Award applications have been completed and sent in, thanks to Don Hostetter and Mollie Prasher.  We met the three standards for Tree City USA re-certification and totaled twelve points (of the required ten points) for the Growth Award with:  A1 Publication – the updating of Granville’s Emerald Ash Borer plan, A3 Interpretive Program – nominating and achieving champion status of the pin oak in the Old Colony Burying Ground under the Ohio Big Trees program, and A6 Publicity – holding the first annual community seminar in April on the Emerald Ash Borer and the Asian Longhorn Beetle.   Don H. had copies of the application for us.

Dick Mortensen shared a Columbus Dispatch article on Walnut Twig Beetles recently discovered in southwestern Ohio.  Thousand Cankers Disease, a fungus fatal to black walnuts, is caused by infestation of the beetles.

Jeremy King wrote a description for the summer internship of updating the village tree inventory.  Don Hostetter has discussed it with Steve Stilwell who approves of the idea.  It could be advertised this winter to Denison University students.  We will check into what steps need to be taken to move forward.

Michelle Lerner shared that the 2013 village budget is set.  The tree budget will remain the same, and we will receive the second installment of the Opera House Park funding.

Regis Birckbichler will bring us a proposal in January for the Memorial Tree Program. We need to re-think the plan, and decide on several questions, such as plaques and tree costs before we publicize the program.

The next meeting will be January 8th at 7:00 pm.

T & L Minutes November 13, 2012

Granville Tree and Landscape Commission

Meeting of November 13, 2012

Present: Don Hostetter, Lynne Kishler, Dick Mortensen, Don Pheneger

Guests: Jeremy King, Jackie O’Keefe (Village Council), Jim Siegel


The minutes of the October meeting were approved.


Opera House Park Update- Landscaping has been put on hold because a trench will be dug through the park from St. Luke’s church sometime after Thanksgiving.  Currently the downspouts at the corners of the church roof end at ground level.  It appears some runoff water goes down the stairs to a non-functioning drain, then backs up under the door into the basement.  The trenching will allow pipes from each corner to meet and then carry the water to South Main Street.  Former village manager Doug Plunkett insists there is an existing drainpipe under the park put in by Bird and Bull Engineering in the 80s. We will look up records and share that information with the village and the church. That previous drain system may be blocked with debris, although the more recently added downspouts at the church do not empty into anything. There was some discussion as to whether a perforated pipe could disperse water underground (but away from the church) to irrigate the grass and plantings in the park.


Albyn’s did a great job in the NE corner of the park – tearing out roots from the ivy and bushes, smoothing out the soil and spreading mulch, and planting boxwoods for a cost of $800.  Terry Hopkins will coordinate the removal of the large yews and ivy in the NW corner and we will mulch and plant new, smaller yews along the fence.  Don H. has made a drawing of the area.  Jim also looked up the estimate provided by Friesinger’s to remove the fence, sand, repaint, and re-install it at a cost of $3,700.  Once the yews are removed, it can be determined how much work needs to be done.  It may be that we can leave it in place and get by with minimal repairs and touch-up.


We received three bids back for our fall tree planting from Fackler’s, Albyn’s, and Klauder.  Albyn’s bid of $9,896 for fifty-four trees came in under our $10,000 budgeted amount.  The other two were over $13,000.  Don Hostetter sent letters of notification to them. We will be placing the stakes (and door hangers) at the sites and sending out letters to the home owners in the next week or so. The services department has ground out the stumps in the tree pits in front of CVS and Huntington Bank.  After much discussion, the commission decided to have red maples planted there, with amended soil.

The Tree City USA online application for 2013 is due December 12th and Mollie Prasher, Clerk of Council, is already working on it and entering data. The volunteer per hour dollar amount has been raised to $18.46.  We need to calculate and add together our individual volunteer time,  as well as study the Growth Award requirements to see if Granville can qualify again this year.

Reports – Jeremy King reported that Denison will have close to forty trees in their arboretum by spring.  He explained that it is possible, through Denison’s Career Exploration and Development Department, to have an internship with the village posted for the summer (it could also be a half-summer position). 

If it’s an unpaid position, it may qualify for a stipend from Denison.  Jeremy explained the many possibilities/versatility of having our tree data available and easily accessible.

Council member Jackie O’Keefe stood in for Michelle Lerner, our liaison from Village Council, who was out of town.  We explained to her the difference between the Tree City USA re-certification process and the Growth Award.

Remarks - Dick Mortensen mentioned an article about how Dawes Arboretum is using horses to pull downed trees out of the forest to avoid the soil compaction caused by heavy machinery.  Don Hostetter will be arranging for a Christmas tree for Opera House Park; the money will come from the park budget. Don also congratulated Jeremy on his appointment to the Licking County Land Trust.

The next meeting will be December 11th at 7:00 pm.

T & L Minutes October 9, 2012

Granville Tree and Landscape Commission

Meeting of October 9, 2012

Present: Don Hostetter, Lynne Kishler, Richard Mortensen, Don Pheneger, Linda Reynolds

Guests: Regis Birckbichler, Jeremy King, Jim Siegel

The minutes of the September meeting were approved.

Old Business – Concerning the homeowner request for tree removal at 328 East Elm St., Don Hostetter has prepared a letter of recommendation to be sent presenting the reasons found for removal. The trunk overhangs the street at an approximate 45 degree angle.  If it were to fall, it would take the power lines and severely damage the house across the street. Don H. learned that the roots on the house side were pruned some time ago, possibly making it unstable. Urban forester Lisa Bowers agreed, after seeing the photos taken by Don Pheneger, that the tree is a hazard. 

Opera House Park –Further landscaping work is on hold due to unresolved issues of water leaking into the basement of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church.  Bill Wilken, representative for the church, has been in communication with Don Hostetter concerning the problem. Discussion followed as to probable causes including the growth of tree roots, inadequate draining of rain water in the area (basements of the historical museum, Methodist church have had water as well).  There is a lack of knowledge among the parties involved as to exactly where the drain pipes lead.  Jeremy King did not think that the recent removal of the small trees and bushes from the east side of the park done by the village could have caused the issue, stating that over four feet depth of root disturbance is usually necessary to cause that to happen.  Don H. has initiated with Carie Kraner, financial director, the steps necessary to approve the carry-over of funds for the Opera House Park renovation to the next fiscal year. We are going ahead with the refurbishing of the benches by Friesingers in Zanesville.

Three to four of the fall 2011 trees have died since our spring check.

Fall planting 2012 -   Don H. and Terry Hopkins have surveyed the nine ash street trees on Shawn Court that have died due to EAB infestation. The residents are interested in choosing the replacement tree species.  Don sent a letter to Jurgen Pape asking for a desired list of trees for the Bryn Du mansion.  One request for a tree has been received, from the residents at 107 Bantry Drive. 

Jeremy King reported that Denison will not have a student available next summer to work on updating our Davey tree inventory.  Granville was not able to set up using one this summer due to time constraints with our street department following the June 29th storm.  Denison has found other software programs, such as itree, to be more user-friendly, and to allow for multiple user access.  Jeremy offered to help draft an internship proposal as an option for obtaining skilled help for this project next summer. 

Dick Mortensen attended the September 25th meeting of the Tree Trimming Committee. At that meeting, Village Manager Steve Stilwell sought opinions about the value of a proposal by M.K. Pope Engineering to perform a very limited evaluation of the village’s electrical system.  The proposal by Mike Pope was solicited as part of the response to the Letter-to-the Editor written by former village mayor Dan Bellman in the July 12th Sentinel that was critical of the inadequate service and delayed power restoration by AEP to the nearly week-long outage following the June 29th derecho.  The Tree Trimming Committee members offered several specific comments and then recommended that Stilwell and the Village Council move forward with the proposed analysis of the power grid in the area.  The committee feels strongly that any tree trimming efforts done by AEP in the 2014 scheduled trimming will be inadequate to make the electrical system more resistant to storms.

The Fall Urban Forestry Conference will be held October 24th in Reynoldsburg.  Don H., Don P., Dick, Lynne, Jim, and Darren Willey will be attending.

The next meeting will be November 13th at 7:00 pm.

T & L Minutes September 11, 2012

Granville Tree and Landscape Commission

Meeting of September 11, 2012

Members present: Don Hostetter, Lynne Kishler, Richard Mortensen, Don Pheneger, Linda Reynolds

Guests: Regis Birckbichler, Michelle Lerner, Jim Siegel

Citizens Comments:   Jeannine Nock of 328 East Elm St. requested an evaluation/consideration of a large healthy oak tree in front of her home and in the village right-of-way.  Terry Hopkins has met with her concerning the tree and situation. Jeannine stated that the tree is close to the foundation, the roots are pushing up the sidewalk, a retaining wall is buckling, and the trunk of the tree is leaning over the street at an approximate 30 degree angle.  She and her husband are interested in working with the commission on finding a solution, possibly the repair of the sidewalk and wall while leaving the tree, and also possibly removing the tree. While acknowledging its health and value, she is concerned about the risk of it falling, given its size and considerable lean. Commission members have looked at the tree, its proximity to the house, and its noticeable lean. 

Don H. advised her that we will seek expert opinions, including involving urban forester Lisa Bowers, to look at the factors involved in determining the tree’s stability, and that we will stay in communication with the Nocks.

The minutes of the August commission meeting were accepted.

Opera House Park – The plantings on the east side of the park have now been removed by the village services department.  We will plot out the brick walk extension this week.  Jim Siegel has looked at pavers the village has in storage and feels we probably are close to having enough without buying additional ones. Don Pheneger has asked Debi Walker in the village office to draw up a scale drawing of the park. Don Hostetter met with a representative from St. Luke’s about coordinating time-wise their window work with our renovation.  While the church is currently re-doing the upper windows, the lower basement windows will have to wait for additional funding.  Jim Siegel has removed the plaques from the benches.  Friesingers will pick them up for re-conditioning in early October. The planting list is almost ready to go out for bid.  McCullough’s Tree Service has been contacted about trimming the trees on the north side – the two Hawthorns and the Japanese Scholar tree.

Fall Planting – Don Hostetter and Don Pheneger made a survey of last year’s plantings.  Some trees have now died and need to be replaced.  Nine trees on Shawn Ct. show evidence of the Emerald Ash Borer and will be removed soon.  Planting sites for this fall need to be decided upon.

Richard Mortensen will attend a seminar on pruning offered at Dawes Arboretum on September 15th. The Fall Urban Forestry Conference will be October 24th in Reynoldsburg.

Reports -Richard attended Denison’s Tree and Landscape Advisory Board meeting on September 4th.  He reported they have an inventory of the trees lost in June’s storm and are utilizing to calculate the value of those trees.  There is much clean-up work to be done in the Bio Reserve; many of the paths are blocked by downed limbs. Denison is working on getting their Davey software into an instructional format.  The inventory can be integrated with Google Mapping.  

Jim shared a newspaper article highlighting good trees to plant.  Mollie Prasher forwarded on to us an article sent by a resident about the use of an injectable treatment on city ash trees in Naperville, Illinois.

The next meeting will be October 9th at 7:00 p.m.

T & L Minutes August 14, 2012

Granville Tree and Landscape Commission

Meeting of August 14, 2012

Members present: Don Hostetter, Lynne Kishler, Dick Mortensen, Don Pheneger

Guests:  Regis Birckbichler, Terry Hopkins, Jeremy King, Michelle Lerner, Jim Siegel, Steve Stilwell,  Darren Willey

Appeal Hearing

Don Hostetter reread a letter we received in June from Robert and Christine Gravitt requesting removal of a Norway Spruce located on their property on the corner of South Pearl and East Elm Streets.  A letter was sent informing them of the ordinances and replacement requirement. Eighteen letters were sent to neighbors within a hundred feet advising them of the request and offering the opportunity to speak on the matter.  Three letters were received – one property owner for the removal, one against removal, and one neutral.  The mature tree has a diameter breast height (dbh) of twenty-three inches, thereby requiring replacement with eleven two-inch trees.  The Gravitts have had a landscaping plan drawn up replacing the spruce with two dogwoods, one redbud, and boxwoods. Mr. Gravitt presented their intention to enhance their property with attractive new landscaping and their desire for more lawn area.  

Neighbor Benita Warren of 216 S. Pearl spoke in favor of removing the tree.  She expressed her concern for potential damage that could occur to the house if the tree would fall or lose limbs.  Neighbor Connie Barsky of 221 East Elm spoke in favor of denying the removal request citing the age, health, and value of the tree to the neighborhood, especially since the village lost many trees in a late June storm.   Don Hostetter read the list of reasons outlined in the ordinances for removing a tree within the village right-of-way; only the fact that the sidewalk is slightly raised due to roots is applicable in this situation. 

There being no other citizen comments, Dick Mortensen made a motion we close discussion and Don Pheneger seconded it.  Don Hostetter called for the vote.  Three voted in favor of denying the request to remove the tree; one voted in favor of removal.  Therefore, our recommendation to the village manager will be to deny the request.  Village manager Steve Stilwell will send them a letter with his decision.

The minutes of the June meeting were distributed and approved.

Old Business

Opera House Park - After hearing Jon Bennett’s presentation about StaLok as a pathway material for Opera House Park, members of the T & L Commission visited a driveway with StaLok and decided to continue with the original plan of extending the existing walking path with brick.

Also in June, Linda Reynolds took commission members on a tour of the arboretum at the Cherry Valley Lodge where we considered shrub varieties for planting at Opera House Park. Linda has provided us with a list of plants she feels would do well in the park and provide color and interest along with requiring little maintenance.  We are working towards a specific list which can be put out for bid on the project.

Fall trees 2011 - While the initial survey done in the spring found the fall trees doing well, the dry summer and high temperatures were hard on them. Some have now died and will have to be replaced.

New Business

Tree Removals – One dead tree in front of CVS was removed and the others continue to decline.  It is felt the tree suffered from heavy salt use on the sidewalk, as melting snow, ice, and salt drained into the tree pits.  Jim suggested we ask Linda Reynolds and Frits Rizor about safer products used for ice removal.  Lynne feels we should notify store owners about the potential harm to trees in front of their businesses from the heavy use of salt.  Michelle suggested a soil test be done in front of CVS as the property was formerly a gas station. 

Don Pheneger discovered a dead sapling at the intermediate school along the driveway (one planted recently for Arbor Day).  The root ball showed the roots still tightly compacted, even after possibly two years.  Ways of dealing with the heavy clay conditions and poor soil at the school are necessary, as well as watering over the summer. For the most part, trees planted at the school have struggled.

Reports –

Darren reported that his crews have not seen further Emerald Ash Borer evidence while trimming and cleaning up from the June storm.

Michelle described EAB traps she saw during a trip to Vermont. She shared a news article with us. The traps lure the EAB with a scent of ash leaves and ash bark.  So far, no EAB have been found in Vermont, but the state is very proactive in tracking.  Michelle received an inquiry from Richard and Callie Smith of Bryn Du Drive concerning possible EAB infestation.

Jeremy advised the Denison Tree and Landscape Advisory Board’s next meeting will be Sept. 4th at 10 am.  We will have a commission member attend.  Denison lost fifty trees in the June storm, most of the damage was between Ebaugh Pond and fraternity row.  Some of the downed trees had been surveyed and photographed and insurance may cover them.  Luckily, almost everything fell away from the campus buildings, and the specimen trees were spared.  They will be expanding their arboretum by five trees.

Don announced the good news - Our Pin Oak in the Old Colony Burying Ground has tied for first place in the Ohio Big Trees program (under the ODNR) with another tree in Olmsted Falls in Cuyahoga County.  Don has arranged for an article in The Sentinel.


The next meeting will be September 11th at 7:00 pm.

T & L Minutes June 12, 2012

Granville Tree and Landscape Commission

Meeting of June 12, 2012

Present: Don Hostetter, Lynne Kishler, Dick Mortensen, Don Pheneger, Linda Reynolds

 Guests: Regis Birckbichler, Jim Siegel, Darren Willey, Michelle Lerner, Jon Bennett

The minutes of the May meeting were distributed and approved.

Opera House Park

Jon Bennett, resident of Granville Township, made a presentation about the product StaLok as an option for the walkway at Opera House Park.  It has recently been installed at Children's Hospital and City Centre Park in Columbus.  Comprised of ground seed hulls, decomposed granite, and ground limestone, it is spread on a 1 and 1/2 inch base of gravel and then coated with a stabilizer.  It is about one third the cost of asphalt.  If installed correctly, the surface is ADA-approved and is easy to care for in that it is permeable, standing up to freezing and thawing.  Michelle asked about the feasibility of repairing sections and Linda asked whether or not the material cracks with tree root growth.  It was questioned how the material handles salt application.  Members decided to visit one of the sites where StaLok has been installed.

Jim contacted Capital Awning for an estimate for replacing the awning over the doorway into St. Luke's office which overhangs Harry Bolen Park and is a visible part of the park.  The estimate is for $500-$600. However, since it attaches to the building, formerly owned by the village and now owned by St. Luke's, the awning is currently the church's responsibility. 

McCullough's Tree Service completed and generously donated trimming work in Opera House Park.  A bill of $95 is only for the product used to feed the Japanese Scholar tree in the NW corner.  Michelle will let the village council know of McCullough's donation to the park and it will be entered into public record.

Linda Reynolds will be taking the other commission members on a tour of the trees and shrubs at the Cherry Valley Lodge to help identify plantings appropriate for the park.

Fall 2011 Tree Planting

Don H., Don P., Dick, and Lynne have together checked on the trees planted last fall and they all look good so far.

Tree Removals

Don Hostetter and Terry Hopkins have together looked at the upcoming tree removals. The four ash trees in front of the former Del Mar restaurant on North Prospect were removed by the village.  When the upper sections were removed, the Emerald Ash Borer marks were extensive, meaning the infestation had been there more than just one year.  These tree sections have been on display in the

council chambers for the past couple weeks.  Locating and notifying the current owner of the building prior to tree removal was difficult.  In surveying other trees in other places, no EAB emergence holes have been seen at eye level, but repeated checking will be done.

Concerning the Green Mountain Maple in front of CVS that are dying, Jim feels that maybe we need to change species when replanting there. Linda feels that the tree loss in the last couple of years in the uptown tree pits is likely the result of the street work -involving excavation- done a few years ago that harmed the root structures of the trees.  Don H. visited a town in Pennsylvania with small tree pits and somehow great trees.  Discussion followed about re-doing the pits and the possibility of bench placement and chunky gravel to deter foot traffic and soil compaction.

A letter was received from Robert and Christine Gravitt at 205 South Pearl St. who wish to remove a large Norway Spruce that is on East Elm St., inside the sidewalk but within the village right-of-way.  Don H. sent a letter to the Gravitts signed by the village manager, advising them of the village ordinances concerning such cases.


Michelle forwarded to us a question from a citizen concerning trees removed on North Granger St.  Darren advised that the two trees had been over-trimmed and were hollow, making them unstable.  The council has decided that the commission will receive the requested amount of money for maintenance and renovation of Opera House Park in two installments over the next two years.  Don H. stated his appreciation of the support given by the village council.

There will be no meeting in July.  Our next meeting will be August 14th at 7:00 pm.

T & L Minutes May 8, 2012

Granville Tree and Landscape Commission

Meeting of May 8, 2012

Present:  Don Hostetter, Lynne Kishler, Dick Mortensen, Don Pheneger

Guests:  Jim Siegel

The minutes of the April meeting were approved. 

Data and a picture of the pin oak in the Old Colony Burying Ground have been submitted by Don Hostetter to ODNR Big Trees.  Lisa Bowers will be comparing it against the newest data from the current champion pin oak, as its previous measurements were from 2005.  Lynne will be nominating the sycamore located behind the cemetery on land owned the Granville Milling Company.

Arbor Day at the Granville Intermediate School went very smoothly, with good weather.  A “Jane” magnolia was planted in a front corner of the school.  Poster contest winners were Macy Field, Craig Zies, Maura Farinelli, Max Markgraf, and Mara Shields.  Their picture has appeared in the Sentinel and the posters are displayed in the village office window.  Don H. sent thank you letters to Whit’s for the prizes, Ron Winrod of AEP for donating the cost of the tree, and to Mike Flood of Albyn’s Nursery for selecting and preparing the planting site and tree. 

Don H. advised that the gingkos uptown in the tree pits seem to be doing well.  He proposed that maybe benches could be placed in such a way as to “fence off” the areas around the trees to cut down on pedestrian traffic and compaction of the soil.  The trees planted last fall will be checked for winter survival, and some ash trees re-checked for EAB emergence holes now that it is late spring.

The two pear trees with fire blight on West Elm Street are scheduled to be removed tomorrow.  Jim asked about removal of the dead tree on East Elm by the funeral home.

Opera House Park – Don H. and Jim had a meeting with John Klauder about our new direction concerning renovation of the park.  We will be developing a specific plant list and concentrating on corners.  John will bill us for his time spent on the park renovation project so far. Jim contacted Randy Ruggles of McCullough Tree Service to trim up and thin out the five Hawthorns, two lilacs, and the Japanese Pagoda, which will also be fed nutrients.  Wes McCullough sent a letter generously offering to donate their labor time for the work, and Don H. communicated our acceptance and appreciation.

An estimate was received from Friesingers to remove, lightly sandblast, re-paint and re-install the fencing surrounding the park for a cost of $3700.  The estimate to remove, repair, weatherproof, and re-paint the seven existing benches is $3150.  Additional benches could be constructed for $825 each. 

Jim took a brown section from a boxwood in his yard to the Licking County Extension office where it was identified as a blight, the pathogen Volutella.  He was advised to trim (and catch) and fertilize.

We heard a report of the May meeting of the Denison Tree and Landscape Advisory Board.  They do have a summer intern who will be available to update the data in our tree survey, perhaps in July.

The next meeting will be June 12th at 7:00 p.m.

T & L Minutes April 10, 2012

Granville Tree and Landscape Commission

Meeting of April 10, 2012

Present:  Don Hostetter, Lynne Kishler, Dick Mortensen, Don Pheneger, Linda Reynolds

Guests:  Regis Birckbichler, Michelle Lerner, Jim Siegel

The minutes of the March meeting were approved.

Old Business

Emerald Ash Borer Plan – Don Hostetter presented the updated EAB Response Plan to the Village Council.

The Emerald Ash Borer/Asian Longhorn Beetle Seminar we hosted at the Bryn Du Mansion April 4th had a fairly low attendance, but those who came had a high interest in the subject.  Lisa Bowers, Urban Forester, and Stephanie Downs, Forest Health, had an outstanding presentation and there were good questions from the audience.  With the seminar and the recent articles in The Sentinel and The Newark Advocate about the discovery of the EAB exit holes in Granville, Don H. feels we are achieving steps toward community awareness.

Opera House Park – Terry Hopkins hopes to start removing and storing the memorial bench and bricks in front of it soon, from the east side of the park, along with the removal of the trees and shrubs.  We will soon meet with John Klauder to coordinate the work to be done.

New Business

The Tree City USA event will be April 18th in Dublin.  Don H., Don P., Lynne, Dick, Jim, and Darren will attend.

Arbor Day Tree Planting – will be done Friday, April 27th at Granville Intermediate School.  It is scheduled with the school staff for 1:00 pm.  Mollie Prasher will type up the proclamation to be read.  The fifth grade teachers will decide on the theme for the poster contest, and we will award five winners with Whit’s gift certificates as last year.  We will contact Mike Flood (Albyn’s Nursery) and John Smith (AEP) to coordinate the tree for the ceremony.

The trees planted last fall need to be checked.  It was noted that some trees planted in previous years, now larger, need to have the first guards replaced with mesh guards.

Dick expressed the need to re-educate people about over-mulching around young trees.  Too much mulch creates excess moisture against the bark, which makes a favorable environment for insects.  Michelle suggesting tying notes on proper mulching techniques to the new trees in the fall.  Perhaps the Scouts could go door-to-door handing our tree care information as a service project.

We have received two requests for tree removals.  One involves two or three older red bud trees on Burg Street that are in the wires and have been previously trimmed extensively.  The other is a medium-sized ash tree at 310 West Elm Street and the shallow roots have heaved up the brick sidewalk. Linda reported a tree on the right-of-way at her property on Harmony Lane is dead and dropping limbs.  Michelle has been approached by a resident about a dead tree on Chapin near the pedestrian path to New Burg Street.

Jim and Lynne reported on the April Denison Tree and Landscape Advisory Board meeting they attended.

Frits Rizor advised us of a new EAB control agent produced by a company Scotts has acquired. It is a new organic formulation that is available at Lowes, Main Hardware, and Strait and Lamp Lumber Co.

The next meeting will be May 8th at 7 pm.

T & L Minutes March 13, 2012

Granville Tree and Landscape Commission

Meeting of March 12, 2012

Present: Regis Birckbichler, Don Hostetter, Lynne Kishler, Dick Mortensen, Don Pheneger, Linda Reynolds

Guests: Jeremy King, Michelle Lerner, Jim Siegel

The minutes of the February meeting were distributed and approved.

Don Hostetter introduced our newest member to the commission, Dick Mortensen, who is a retired professor of microbiology.

Emerald Ash Borer Plan revision – Several minor changes were made to our EAB Response Plan that was adopted in 2006. The commission felt that it is still accurate and functional for guiding the village’s actions, obligations, etc. to the impending threat to ash trees with only a few areas that needed to be clarified and updated.   Jeremy King feels we should state that it is our intent to be active, to periodically monitor infestation levels and record findings, to work with residents, etc. Dick Mortensen asked who will make a determination of “distressed” for any given tree.  For street trees, that would likely be the street department. Regis emphasized that we refer homeowners to an expert to determine infestation of trees on their personal property. Michelle asked specifically when an infested ash tree will be removed – when the ash borer is first detected, when the tree is fully infested, or when the tree is dead. Michelle said the village web page should refer citizens to a step-by-step process for their personal ash trees.  Council was notified in 2006 that additional funding would most likely be necessary for tree removal, chipping, and replanting of street trees, but should be re-notified at this time.

On February 20, Lynne Kishler found emergence holes in two ash trees on North Prospect St.  Urban Forester Lisa Bowers affirmed the presence of the EAB and bark was shaved off to uncover S-shaped galleries.  However, no larvae were found at this site. These trees, on the east side of North Prospect Street across from the fire station, had previously been slated for removal because of problems with the roots and the slope of the sidewalk.  The trees showed other signs of stress as well.  Since that time, Don Pheneger, Don Hostetter, and Lynne have examined nearly all street ash trees in the uptown area, as well as on Kilkenny and Ballymore (where all street trees are ash planted by the developer).  Also examined were trees in Fanchion Lewis Park (the front area), Bryn Du, and Newark-Granville Rd.  No additional emergence holes were discovered; however, our investigation will serve as a baseline for future damage.

Jeremy reported that Denison has treated six ash trees this year for the first time.  Of the approximately 45 surveyed ash trees, very few are in pedestrian areas.  Twenty are relatively new plantings around newer buildings.  Their strategy is to plant new trees to succeed the ashes.  The campus’s wooded areas have many ash trees.

Don Hostetter has set Wednesday, April 4th at 7 pm for Paul Kanninen, USDA, and Lisa Bowers to conduct a program for residents interested in learning more about the Emerald Ash Borer and the Asian Longhorn Beetle.  It will be held at the Bryn Du mansion.

Opera House Park – Weather permitting, there is a tentative start date of the first part of April for the trees and shrubs along the east side to be removed.

Memorial Tree Program – With Don Pheneger’s assistance, Regis has looked at memorial tree programs in other communities and has found a great variety of options.  It depends on what we want to include in our program, what we will offer, how much we will ask for the trees, how they will be marked, etc.  Jeremy added that Denison’s is patterned after the memorial tree program at Dawes Arboretum.  Denison asks for a donation of $1000 for a new planting, and guarantees the tree for ten years. Jim feels strongly we should keep our donation to an affordable amount.

Tree City USA will be held this year in Dublin on April 18th from 9 am to 2 pm.


Michelle reported that discussion has just begun in council regarding dividing up the capital fund expenditures between groups requesting money.

Jeremy reported that Denison’s Tree and Landscape Advisory Board is evaluating landscape plans for two buildings -Chamberlin and Mitchell Center. They are finalizing a schedule of events to celebrate Arbor Day, hoping to coordinate a tree planting at Spring Valley Park with the opening of their arboretum and a memorial tree planting on campus.

Linda reported that the flower sale will be May 12-13. 

The next meeting will be April 10th at 7 pm.

T & L Minutes February 13, 2012

Meeting of February 13, 2012

Present:  Don Hostetter, Lynne Kishler, Don Pheneger, Linda Reynolds

Guests:  Jeremy King, Jim Siegel

The minutes of the February meeting were approved. 

Don Hostetter spoke with the person in charge of the Tree City USA event being held in Dublin.  They would like to use the banner and signs we had made for last year’s program.

Memorial Tree Program – Don Pheneger is researching memorial tree programs in other communities.

Denison Tree and Landscape Advisory Board – Jeremy King shared with us the pamphlet they are working on to showcase and provide information about their trees.  They request a $1000 donation for planting a new memorial tree, or $500 to dedicate an existing tree.  A sweet gum tree will be planted on campus in memory of Allison Sitton, daughter of Denison president, Dale Knobel.  The board is developing a list of potential tree sites and species they would like to add to their arboretum.  They have also added pest alert notices to the Denison arboretum web site.

Linda reported that the Cherry Valley Lodge’s arboretum has about six memorial trees.  Each tree is marked with a brass plaque mounted on a concrete base.

Concerning the Community USDA-APHIS presentation - we hope to finalize a date in the first part of April.  Jim suggested the program, and information about the Emerald Ash Borer and the Asian Longhorn Beetle, could be promoted through the Rotary, Kiwanis, and the Garden Club.  Notices could be placed at the post office, coffee shop, etc. and in The Granville Sentinel.  For those unable to attend Paul Kanninen’s presentation, information will be available at the village office and on the village web site.

Opera House Park – The street department has removed the dead maple tree on South Main Street, allowing access to the park for work to be done.  Don H. has advised John Klauder to schedule the work to begin as soon as weather permits and the removal of trees and shrubs on the east side is complete.

Jim Siegel contacted Friesinger’s, the iron works company in Zanesville who did the initial work on the fence and benches in the park.  They do not do the work on site, due to environmental impact issues.

Lynne requested that the moldy blue awning over the door at the St. Luke’s church office (building owned by the village)be replaced now, instead of waiting for the updates on the south side of the park.  Jim will check on this with the village office, where new awnings were installed last year.

Don Hostetter feels it is time to take another look at our EAB Plan, adopted in 2006, to see if it needs to be updated.  We will check into how other communities have prepared for, and handled infestations. The EAB has recently been found in New Albany, and all Ohio counties have now been quarantined.

The next meeting will be March 13th at 7:00 p.m.

T & L Minutes January 10, 2012

Granville Tree and Landscape Commission

Meeting of January 10, 2012

Members present: Regis Birckbichler, Don Hostetter, Lynne Kishler, Don Pheneger, Linda Reynolds

Guests: Michelle Lerner, Jim Siegel, Darren Willey, Dick Mortensen

The minutes of the December 2011 meeting were approved.  Dick Mortensen was introduced. He is considering applying for the upcoming vacancy on the commission.

Old Business:

Fall tree planting – All thirty-six trees are in now.  There were five sites that were not ready in time so those trees -crabapple, tulip, and elm- have been planted at the Bryn Du Mansion property.

Don Hostetter received an email from Lisa Bowers stating that we were not eligible for the Growth Award because the village had not spent more in 2011 than in 2010.  Upon further investigation, it was found that the portion of the application asking for the amount spent on the thirty-six trees had been misinterpreted and filled in as the average amount per tree, and not the total spent, which was $6900. Given the way the new online application gives prompts, it is impossible to go back and see the prompts again, only the answers are shown.  This makes it difficult to proofread once it is completed.  The error was corrected by Don H. and Mollie Prasher and the Tree City Application/Growth Award was re-submitted.  We may request hard copy applications be made available as “work copies” to be used before filing.

Budget for 2012 -We are anticipating no cuts to our 2012 budget at this time.

Memorial Tree Program – Regis will be getting this up and going online for the commission.  We agreed to wait to advertise tree donating options until it is on the website and we are ready to move forward.

New Business:

Community USDA-APHIS presentation – Paul Kanninen has agreed to come speak on the Emerald Ash Borer and the Asian Longhorn Beetle.  The EAB is now in all 88 counties in Ohio, and it is time to inform the community about the potential arrival of these pests.  We will host this program in the spring, on a weekday, in conjunction with Denison University.  The commission will review Granville’s EAB strategic plan drafted and adopted a few years ago.

Opera House Park – Preparatory work for the east side needs to be planned as soon as the ground is ready this spring.  We will resume our Friday morning meetings again on January 27th at 9:30.

Don Hostetter met with the members of the Union Cemetery Board.  In the future, there will be communication between both the commission and the board concerning the trees in the Old Colony Burying Ground.  The trimming the board contracted for this fall was because of concern for limbs falling on the headstones.

Regis received material from the Arbor Day Foundation that encouraged communities to consider planting Hazelnuts.   We are aware of one tree variety on the NE corner of Pearl and Broadway, in the corner of the Granville Inn parking lot.

The next meeting will be Monday, February 13th at 7:00 pm.

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