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T & L Minutes April 10, 2012

Granville Tree and Landscape Commission

Meeting of April 10, 2012

Present:  Don Hostetter, Lynne Kishler, Dick Mortensen, Don Pheneger, Linda Reynolds

Guests:  Regis Birckbichler, Michelle Lerner, Jim Siegel

The minutes of the March meeting were approved.

Old Business

Emerald Ash Borer Plan – Don Hostetter presented the updated EAB Response Plan to the Village Council.

The Emerald Ash Borer/Asian Longhorn Beetle Seminar we hosted at the Bryn Du Mansion April 4th had a fairly low attendance, but those who came had a high interest in the subject.  Lisa Bowers, Urban Forester, and Stephanie Downs, Forest Health, had an outstanding presentation and there were good questions from the audience.  With the seminar and the recent articles in The Sentinel and The Newark Advocate about the discovery of the EAB exit holes in Granville, Don H. feels we are achieving steps toward community awareness.

Opera House Park – Terry Hopkins hopes to start removing and storing the memorial bench and bricks in front of it soon, from the east side of the park, along with the removal of the trees and shrubs.  We will soon meet with John Klauder to coordinate the work to be done.

New Business

The Tree City USA event will be April 18th in Dublin.  Don H., Don P., Lynne, Dick, Jim, and Darren will attend.

Arbor Day Tree Planting – will be done Friday, April 27th at Granville Intermediate School.  It is scheduled with the school staff for 1:00 pm.  Mollie Prasher will type up the proclamation to be read.  The fifth grade teachers will decide on the theme for the poster contest, and we will award five winners with Whit’s gift certificates as last year.  We will contact Mike Flood (Albyn’s Nursery) and John Smith (AEP) to coordinate the tree for the ceremony.

The trees planted last fall need to be checked.  It was noted that some trees planted in previous years, now larger, need to have the first guards replaced with mesh guards.

Dick expressed the need to re-educate people about over-mulching around young trees.  Too much mulch creates excess moisture against the bark, which makes a favorable environment for insects.  Michelle suggesting tying notes on proper mulching techniques to the new trees in the fall.  Perhaps the Scouts could go door-to-door handing our tree care information as a service project.

We have received two requests for tree removals.  One involves two or three older red bud trees on Burg Street that are in the wires and have been previously trimmed extensively.  The other is a medium-sized ash tree at 310 West Elm Street and the shallow roots have heaved up the brick sidewalk. Linda reported a tree on the right-of-way at her property on Harmony Lane is dead and dropping limbs.  Michelle has been approached by a resident about a dead tree on Chapin near the pedestrian path to New Burg Street.

Jim and Lynne reported on the April Denison Tree and Landscape Advisory Board meeting they attended.

Frits Rizor advised us of a new EAB control agent produced by a company Scotts has acquired. It is a new organic formulation that is available at Lowes, Main Hardware, and Strait and Lamp Lumber Co.

The next meeting will be May 8th at 7 pm.

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