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T & L Minutes December 11, 2012

Granville Tree and Landscape Commission

Meeting of December 11, 2012

Present:  Don Hostetter, Lynne Kishler, Dick Mortensen, Don Pheneger, Linda Reynolds

Guests:  Regis Birckbichler, Michelle Lerner, Jim Siegel


The minutes of the November meeting were approved. 

Old Business:

The survey of trees planted in the fall of 2011 showed three trees need to be replaced.  Fall planting 2012 will be next week.  Mike Flood (Albyn’s) has asked if we can move the proposed trees (eighteen serviceberry and tree lilacs) along Newark-Granville Rd. back some from the ditch.  Mike, Don Hostetter, and Terry Hopkins will re-measure the right-of-way to determine if that is possible.  Don H. contacted the Jehovah’s Witness church across the road, and they would like trees next fall.

We received a request for a tree from Mr. and Mrs. Michael Caravana of 209 East Elm St.  A tree was removed from the tree lawn two years ago; the stump currently remains.  There are power lines over head.  Don H. will check with Terry Hopkins to see if problems exist with the site and if it is possible to plant yet this year.

Opera House Park – There has been no trenching or excavation work done yet on the drainage situation from St. Luke’s.  Michelle Lerner noted that Bird and Bull are still the village engineers and plans for drain pipe work completed at Opera House Park in the 1980s should be available through their office.  She likes the idea of using run-off from St. Luke’s roof to water the park, and mentioned that Dawes Arboretum has a rain barrel program.

With leaf pick-up complete, the services department has been working on tree removals.  Most of the major work from the June storm is done, and they are working on other necessary removals now.

New Business:

The large 16-17-foot Christmas tree in Opera House Park was delivered, set up, and looks great, however was more expensive than last year’s tree.  Village Manager Steve Stilwell suggested the commission order a tree next year from the same supplier as is used for the smaller trees along Broadway and South Main St. as we may get a better price by being included on that bulk order. The tree for Opera House Park is paid for from the park budget.

The Tree City USA and Growth Award applications have been completed and sent in, thanks to Don Hostetter and Mollie Prasher.  We met the three standards for Tree City USA re-certification and totaled twelve points (of the required ten points) for the Growth Award with:  A1 Publication – the updating of Granville’s Emerald Ash Borer plan, A3 Interpretive Program – nominating and achieving champion status of the pin oak in the Old Colony Burying Ground under the Ohio Big Trees program, and A6 Publicity – holding the first annual community seminar in April on the Emerald Ash Borer and the Asian Longhorn Beetle.   Don H. had copies of the application for us.

Dick Mortensen shared a Columbus Dispatch article on Walnut Twig Beetles recently discovered in southwestern Ohio.  Thousand Cankers Disease, a fungus fatal to black walnuts, is caused by infestation of the beetles.

Jeremy King wrote a description for the summer internship of updating the village tree inventory.  Don Hostetter has discussed it with Steve Stilwell who approves of the idea.  It could be advertised this winter to Denison University students.  We will check into what steps need to be taken to move forward.

Michelle Lerner shared that the 2013 village budget is set.  The tree budget will remain the same, and we will receive the second installment of the Opera House Park funding.

Regis Birckbichler will bring us a proposal in January for the Memorial Tree Program. We need to re-think the plan, and decide on several questions, such as plaques and tree costs before we publicize the program.

The next meeting will be January 8th at 7:00 pm.

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