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T & L Minutes November 13, 2012

Granville Tree and Landscape Commission

Meeting of November 13, 2012

Present: Don Hostetter, Lynne Kishler, Dick Mortensen, Don Pheneger

Guests: Jeremy King, Jackie O’Keefe (Village Council), Jim Siegel


The minutes of the October meeting were approved.


Opera House Park Update- Landscaping has been put on hold because a trench will be dug through the park from St. Luke’s church sometime after Thanksgiving.  Currently the downspouts at the corners of the church roof end at ground level.  It appears some runoff water goes down the stairs to a non-functioning drain, then backs up under the door into the basement.  The trenching will allow pipes from each corner to meet and then carry the water to South Main Street.  Former village manager Doug Plunkett insists there is an existing drainpipe under the park put in by Bird and Bull Engineering in the 80s. We will look up records and share that information with the village and the church. That previous drain system may be blocked with debris, although the more recently added downspouts at the church do not empty into anything. There was some discussion as to whether a perforated pipe could disperse water underground (but away from the church) to irrigate the grass and plantings in the park.


Albyn’s did a great job in the NE corner of the park – tearing out roots from the ivy and bushes, smoothing out the soil and spreading mulch, and planting boxwoods for a cost of $800.  Terry Hopkins will coordinate the removal of the large yews and ivy in the NW corner and we will mulch and plant new, smaller yews along the fence.  Don H. has made a drawing of the area.  Jim also looked up the estimate provided by Friesinger’s to remove the fence, sand, repaint, and re-install it at a cost of $3,700.  Once the yews are removed, it can be determined how much work needs to be done.  It may be that we can leave it in place and get by with minimal repairs and touch-up.


We received three bids back for our fall tree planting from Fackler’s, Albyn’s, and Klauder.  Albyn’s bid of $9,896 for fifty-four trees came in under our $10,000 budgeted amount.  The other two were over $13,000.  Don Hostetter sent letters of notification to them. We will be placing the stakes (and door hangers) at the sites and sending out letters to the home owners in the next week or so. The services department has ground out the stumps in the tree pits in front of CVS and Huntington Bank.  After much discussion, the commission decided to have red maples planted there, with amended soil.

The Tree City USA online application for 2013 is due December 12th and Mollie Prasher, Clerk of Council, is already working on it and entering data. The volunteer per hour dollar amount has been raised to $18.46.  We need to calculate and add together our individual volunteer time,  as well as study the Growth Award requirements to see if Granville can qualify again this year.

Reports – Jeremy King reported that Denison will have close to forty trees in their arboretum by spring.  He explained that it is possible, through Denison’s Career Exploration and Development Department, to have an internship with the village posted for the summer (it could also be a half-summer position). 

If it’s an unpaid position, it may qualify for a stipend from Denison.  Jeremy explained the many possibilities/versatility of having our tree data available and easily accessible.

Council member Jackie O’Keefe stood in for Michelle Lerner, our liaison from Village Council, who was out of town.  We explained to her the difference between the Tree City USA re-certification process and the Growth Award.

Remarks - Dick Mortensen mentioned an article about how Dawes Arboretum is using horses to pull downed trees out of the forest to avoid the soil compaction caused by heavy machinery.  Don Hostetter will be arranging for a Christmas tree for Opera House Park; the money will come from the park budget. Don also congratulated Jeremy on his appointment to the Licking County Land Trust.

The next meeting will be December 11th at 7:00 pm.

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