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T & L Minutes October 9, 2012

Granville Tree and Landscape Commission

Meeting of October 9, 2012

Present: Don Hostetter, Lynne Kishler, Richard Mortensen, Don Pheneger, Linda Reynolds

Guests: Regis Birckbichler, Jeremy King, Jim Siegel

The minutes of the September meeting were approved.

Old Business – Concerning the homeowner request for tree removal at 328 East Elm St., Don Hostetter has prepared a letter of recommendation to be sent presenting the reasons found for removal. The trunk overhangs the street at an approximate 45 degree angle.  If it were to fall, it would take the power lines and severely damage the house across the street. Don H. learned that the roots on the house side were pruned some time ago, possibly making it unstable. Urban forester Lisa Bowers agreed, after seeing the photos taken by Don Pheneger, that the tree is a hazard. 

Opera House Park –Further landscaping work is on hold due to unresolved issues of water leaking into the basement of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church.  Bill Wilken, representative for the church, has been in communication with Don Hostetter concerning the problem. Discussion followed as to probable causes including the growth of tree roots, inadequate draining of rain water in the area (basements of the historical museum, Methodist church have had water as well).  There is a lack of knowledge among the parties involved as to exactly where the drain pipes lead.  Jeremy King did not think that the recent removal of the small trees and bushes from the east side of the park done by the village could have caused the issue, stating that over four feet depth of root disturbance is usually necessary to cause that to happen.  Don H. has initiated with Carie Kraner, financial director, the steps necessary to approve the carry-over of funds for the Opera House Park renovation to the next fiscal year. We are going ahead with the refurbishing of the benches by Friesingers in Zanesville.

Three to four of the fall 2011 trees have died since our spring check.

Fall planting 2012 -   Don H. and Terry Hopkins have surveyed the nine ash street trees on Shawn Court that have died due to EAB infestation. The residents are interested in choosing the replacement tree species.  Don sent a letter to Jurgen Pape asking for a desired list of trees for the Bryn Du mansion.  One request for a tree has been received, from the residents at 107 Bantry Drive. 

Jeremy King reported that Denison will not have a student available next summer to work on updating our Davey tree inventory.  Granville was not able to set up using one this summer due to time constraints with our street department following the June 29th storm.  Denison has found other software programs, such as itree, to be more user-friendly, and to allow for multiple user access.  Jeremy offered to help draft an internship proposal as an option for obtaining skilled help for this project next summer. 

Dick Mortensen attended the September 25th meeting of the Tree Trimming Committee. At that meeting, Village Manager Steve Stilwell sought opinions about the value of a proposal by M.K. Pope Engineering to perform a very limited evaluation of the village’s electrical system.  The proposal by Mike Pope was solicited as part of the response to the Letter-to-the Editor written by former village mayor Dan Bellman in the July 12th Sentinel that was critical of the inadequate service and delayed power restoration by AEP to the nearly week-long outage following the June 29th derecho.  The Tree Trimming Committee members offered several specific comments and then recommended that Stilwell and the Village Council move forward with the proposed analysis of the power grid in the area.  The committee feels strongly that any tree trimming efforts done by AEP in the 2014 scheduled trimming will be inadequate to make the electrical system more resistant to storms.

The Fall Urban Forestry Conference will be held October 24th in Reynoldsburg.  Don H., Don P., Dick, Lynne, Jim, and Darren Willey will be attending.

The next meeting will be November 13th at 7:00 pm.

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