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T & L Minutes September 11, 2012

Granville Tree and Landscape Commission

Meeting of September 11, 2012

Members present: Don Hostetter, Lynne Kishler, Richard Mortensen, Don Pheneger, Linda Reynolds

Guests: Regis Birckbichler, Michelle Lerner, Jim Siegel

Citizens Comments:   Jeannine Nock of 328 East Elm St. requested an evaluation/consideration of a large healthy oak tree in front of her home and in the village right-of-way.  Terry Hopkins has met with her concerning the tree and situation. Jeannine stated that the tree is close to the foundation, the roots are pushing up the sidewalk, a retaining wall is buckling, and the trunk of the tree is leaning over the street at an approximate 30 degree angle.  She and her husband are interested in working with the commission on finding a solution, possibly the repair of the sidewalk and wall while leaving the tree, and also possibly removing the tree. While acknowledging its health and value, she is concerned about the risk of it falling, given its size and considerable lean. Commission members have looked at the tree, its proximity to the house, and its noticeable lean. 

Don H. advised her that we will seek expert opinions, including involving urban forester Lisa Bowers, to look at the factors involved in determining the tree’s stability, and that we will stay in communication with the Nocks.

The minutes of the August commission meeting were accepted.

Opera House Park – The plantings on the east side of the park have now been removed by the village services department.  We will plot out the brick walk extension this week.  Jim Siegel has looked at pavers the village has in storage and feels we probably are close to having enough without buying additional ones. Don Pheneger has asked Debi Walker in the village office to draw up a scale drawing of the park. Don Hostetter met with a representative from St. Luke’s about coordinating time-wise their window work with our renovation.  While the church is currently re-doing the upper windows, the lower basement windows will have to wait for additional funding.  Jim Siegel has removed the plaques from the benches.  Friesingers will pick them up for re-conditioning in early October. The planting list is almost ready to go out for bid.  McCullough’s Tree Service has been contacted about trimming the trees on the north side – the two Hawthorns and the Japanese Scholar tree.

Fall Planting – Don Hostetter and Don Pheneger made a survey of last year’s plantings.  Some trees have now died and need to be replaced.  Nine trees on Shawn Ct. show evidence of the Emerald Ash Borer and will be removed soon.  Planting sites for this fall need to be decided upon.

Richard Mortensen will attend a seminar on pruning offered at Dawes Arboretum on September 15th. The Fall Urban Forestry Conference will be October 24th in Reynoldsburg.

Reports -Richard attended Denison’s Tree and Landscape Advisory Board meeting on September 4th.  He reported they have an inventory of the trees lost in June’s storm and are utilizing to calculate the value of those trees.  There is much clean-up work to be done in the Bio Reserve; many of the paths are blocked by downed limbs. Denison is working on getting their Davey software into an instructional format.  The inventory can be integrated with Google Mapping.  

Jim shared a newspaper article highlighting good trees to plant.  Mollie Prasher forwarded on to us an article sent by a resident about the use of an injectable treatment on city ash trees in Naperville, Illinois.

The next meeting will be October 9th at 7:00 p.m.

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